Tuesday, July 24, 2012

REO Speedwagon 'Hi Infidelity'

I managed to talk Jamie into grabbing some lunch at the KFC/Long John Silver’s a week or so ago. As you may or may not know, Long John Silver’s is my favorite fast food joint. As much as I love their clams, chicken planks, and covering everything with an ample amount of malt vinegar… I think it’s more of the memories associated with the place that I love the most. That could very well be the reason why I continue to subject my heart and arteries to their greasy goodness. Hell, I’ll risk a cracked skull to cross any picket line around a Long John Silver’s.

I placed my order first as Jamie perused the posted menu. The quickness from my practiced ordering gave me ample time to pick up on the conversation happening as I stood at the counter. The cashier gave me a cup that went with my meal. While I was filling that cup with Coke Zero I overheard something like this…

“You charged me too much,” said the tall thin man with glasses. He appeared to be in his mid-70’s.

“You ordered a 12 piece bucket and it’s…” I forgot what the other cashier said.

“But you overcharged me!” he said as he shook the receipt in the air. “I want to see the manager. This isn’t right and I’m gonna get my money back!”

I took a sipped off the suds from my Coke Zero when the manager walked up and asked, “How can I help you sir?”

“I was charged too much,” he said while pushing the receipt towards her face.

She took the receipt from him and studied it for a moment. “You ordered the 12 piece bucket without sides?”

“Yes,” he replied with a seething undertone.

“And with sales tax that comes to…” I don’t remember the total amount either.

“Your signs don’t say anything about adding sales tax to the prices. Nothing!” he said. “I want the money back that you charged me for sales tax!”

“Sir, if I gave you back the sales tax I would have to refund all the sales tax to everyone in the store. North Carolina charges sales tax on every item we sell.”

“Why do you post those prices without telling us that you’re going to add sales tax?!” he asked. “I’m gonna have the last word!”

He continued on and on. I managed to keep my mouth shut and nose out of the business playing out before us. It got a little tense on his end. After a “you people”, I felt like he was about to erupt into some sort of racist Obama hating crap any second. But thankfully, he kept everything within check without attacking her or our President. He gave his moronic point of view and walked out of the store without a sales tax refund.

I looked at the manager and asked, “What the hell?!” She just kind of shook her head and gave no comment. “Who expects no sales tax?! Who is that guy?!” and I started laughing.

I don’t pick up a sales paper, see a must-have item, and head to the store expecting to pick that item up at the same advertised price. Who does that?!

Jamie and I were still in disbelief as we ate our piping hot, deep-fried goodies from the sea.


  1. Wow! There will always be someone out there wanting somethin for nothin... it makes me sometimes think they were raised in the woods by wolves. Good for that manager holding her ground though, I think some might have given the sales tax refund just to get the man to shut up and out the door... which is probably what he was hoping for anyway.

  2. Mmmmmm delicious dead, deep-fried, malt-vinegared, planks of frozen codfish. Mmmmm indeed!