Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Baby Animals 'Baby Animals'

The update I posted last Saturday was difficult to make. I’ve been having some Internet issues at home and it turns out (after the third customer service person within the last month) that the modem has been on a defective list. So it all depends on the modem whether or not I can get online. It’s kind of like having a bi-polar girlfriend… One minute, all is cool and groovy. The next, she won’t talk to you while she cuts your face out of photographs.

It has been royally sucking.

--Are you watching the final season of Lost?

I am and I’m digging it! Hopefully all the answers I’ve ever wanted will answered, but I’m sure they’ll leave something open for a “return” to the island 2 hour event. I say “event” because that’s the latest buzz word to make it seem more exciting for viewers. It also makes you feel less guilty about sitting on the couch for two hours while giving your fingers a thick coat of orange from the Cheetos.

Before the Lost episode on March 30th, I was watching the tail end of Dancing With The Stars. It was the result show and they were kicking off one of the Stars. I don’t remember which one, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it was that black-headed girl from Beverly Hills, 90210. You know… The prima donna that could only wash her hair with Evian water and drink only coffee where the beans were picked by Buddhist midgets or something like that.

But I’m sure she’s been humbled since her fall from the big time. After all, she was on Dancing With The Stars and that seems to be the recovery place to land. So who knows…? Maybe she’ll rise again and maybe… Just maybe… Do a nude scene or two. That would be good!

Sorry, I got off track.

When the show ended, they had the male host reminding viewers that an all new final season episode of Lost was immediately following. And what made it hilarious… That host mentioned Locke and the smoke monster.

Now to the uninitiated, that would just sound crazy and cause one to immediately turn to another channel. Because if you haven’t been watching, hearing someone tell viewers that there’s a “smoke monster” coming up on a Network television show would cause you to clear your ear canals and say “What the what?”

Just hearing the host’s smooth voice deliver that information was hysterical to me. Was it to anyone else?

It must have because they host didn’t really elaborate about the goings-on with Lost when they ended their broadcast. It was just straight and to the point.


And for those that do not know... The title of each entry is my musical choice of the day.

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    Awww.. you talked about me in your blog! Awesome! Wait... maybe I am pissed. I just can't decide.