Thursday, July 23, 2009

Little Caesar 'Influence'

Believe it or not, I was once a budding artist. I liked to draw comic book characters and I even made up my own costumed heroes. My parents hooked me up with art lessons where I got to explore all kinds of different styles and mediums. I got to work on still life drawing with pencil and charcoal. That progressed to chalk, water colors, and acrylic painting.

Art class was always one of my favorite subjects in school. It was a place where I could unwind, especially if my class fell in the middle or near the end of the day.

Although I never won a Scholastic Art & Writing Gold Key Award, I did get an honorable mention. Art was an avenue that everyone, including myself, thought I would just zip right down to the city limits of success.

That didn’t happen because of several reasons… You could draw a pretty picture, give it to a girl, and you wouldn’t get the girl. Teaching myself guitar and writing music gave me a different creative outlet that I liked even more… And the girls responded to that a little better. Plus, you didn’t have to be drop dead gorgeous to win a night’s affection with a girl. If you need proof of that, here ya go!

I stopped drawing practically overnight and rarely doodled like I incessantly did before. I just didn’t enjoy it anymore and yet I still have no perfectly good explanation as to why it brought me no more pleasure.

I do find it fun and relaxing to paint my Battletech Mechs, but it’s rare that I ever purchase or play with them anymore.

Just recently, Jamie’s youngest was going to some sort of Scout camping trip. The group had a pirate theme and had to design their own t-shirt. And for some reason, I took up the challenge by opening my big mouth. Words like “I can draw a skull on there for him” and “I’d be happy to draw it on there” came rolling out of my mouth like drunks falling out onto Bourbon Street.

I stretched the plain white shirt out on an ironing board, armed myself with two Sharpies, and went to town freestyle with no picture. I drew a skull and bones as I had visualized them with permanent ink and was simply surprised of the result.

I feared that it would look absolutely horrible or not to my liking since I haven’t picked up any writing instrument to draw with in over 15 years.

I had a few problems with the crossbones, but overall it’s not bad for someone knocking off some rust.

I’ll share my latest creative passion with you later this weekend… But if you’ve seen my photo posts on Facebook, then you already know what I’m talking about. And if you’re not one of my Facebook friends… Then hit me up, bitches!

Toodles folks!

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  1. Anonymous2:43 PM

    Matthew loved the shirt babe!