Monday, January 12, 2009

Richard Marx 'Paid Vacation'

I’ve noticed that traffic to my blog has gone down like a five dollar crack whore. I know what the problem is… I haven’t been updating like I should. To be quite honest, I haven’t had anything to write about. Life has been quietly moving without the usual amount of crazy interruptions that are worth writing about. Those things that annoy the ever-loving intestinal parasites out of me just aren’t happening anymore.

I’ll be going to get my truck inspected today. It was due in November and for some reason I hate getting it done. Oh sure, I’ve got all the time in the world to get it done, but it just seems so unnecessary and I don‘t like throwing thirty bucks at it. So pointless in fact that a study group for the North Carolina DMV deemed the inspection process unnecessary.

The state government has also decided to screw and confuse its citizens further by tying inspections and license plates together.

So like any good procrastinator, I chose to wait until there was a definite outcome. I didn’t want to spend the dinero on something that could be cancelled. But the inspection process is still in effect and I’m confused about how the plates are tied to it. I have so many questions about things that won’t even affect me.

Anyways… I’ve got an appointment for 3 this afternoon. I’ll drop Roxy (my truck) off and hoof it on down to Spring Garden Bar & Grill for a couple of brews along with a Chicken on the Ranch sandwich.

My last visit there was during the holidays and I found out that they no longer carry croissants. So sad. Because grilled chicken, bacon, cheese, and Ranch dressing tastes so frackin’ good on a croissant.

I’ll chase it down with a couple of Yuenglings and play a round of NTN Trivia.

They have the loudest bartender in the world there at the Battleground location. I can’t remember her name, but it sounds as if there’s a bullhorn lodged in her throat. She has that kind of super-loud voice that you can pick out of the crowd on KISS ‘ALIVE II’.

When she’s speaking in a normal voice, she has that sexy Brenda Vacarro thing going on. But when she needs to step up a notch, she’ll rattle planes out of the sky. So I’m kind of hoping for a nice quiet sandwich time during my inspection.

--I’ve also been keeping track of Robby Gordon’s daily progress in the Dakar Rally.

They moved it this year to South America because of terrorist threats. Why terrorist would screw with it is beyond me. Oh sure, I can see the occasional farmer out there waving a stick at SUV’s, ATV’s, and motorcycles as they zip past their frightened goats that won’t produce milk for a month because of the race. But shooting racers and crew members to prove a political point just doesn’t make sense to me. Oh well.

As of this writing, Robby Gordon’s Monster Energy Drink/Jim Beam Hummer is fifth overall.

They started the race on January 4th and it won’t be over until the 18th. Crazy.

Thanks for checking back and don’t forget to bookmark this beotch for time wasting purposes. It’s the coolest!

Okay… Maybe not.

--I'm not posting a video from Richard Marx because I wasn't that much of a fan. As you can see, I got today's musical choice when I was working for Capitol Records and I've never played it. So I don't even know if I have a favorite yet. Wish me luck!

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