Friday, December 12, 2008

King's X 'Dogman'

If you haven’t noticed before, I have a Zune MP3 player. What my Zune and I are jamming to can be found at the bottom of this page. It shows how many plays, my favorite songs from favorite albums (usually the ones I just loaded up), and the top artist plays. It also shows how many badges I have earned by just by listening and playing tunes.

I love the damn thing!

And I’m obsessed with getting more and more plays with more and more badges for listening to artists and albums… How many times can I write “and” into a sentence?!

That’s how much I love my Zune.

Sadly, something has to be done with the encroaching space limit of 30GB’s. After adding next week’s daily listening pool today; I now have 8.81GB’s of space left. I have been thinking about what I can do about this and have experienced many of the different Excedrin headaches.

What will I take off? What will I leave on? Should I save all and swap out what I want whenever I want on the player? Should I purchase an external storage device just to house my Zune collection? Should I throw a rope over a beam, tip the chair away, and forget about it?

As crazy as it sounds, the thinking has caused me a few sleepless hours.

Then it hit me one morning when I woke up and it’s a decision that I can stick with. It embraces my love for total randomness.

When I get to 5GB’s of storage left on the Zune player, I will totally delete the first 7 albums I ripped (I can view the order when albums were added) before adding the new 7. If I will be adding an album that was just deleted… Well it’s just added back on.

In my mind, it will keep everything fresh like a flowing river. No standing water, so to speak. Both the player and program will constantly be updated. Everything should just cycle through, but some things may never make it back onto the Zune. Some things may never come off. But that’s okay. That’s the kind of random crap I like. I think it’s some kind of OCD.

Am I crazy or is this an accepted practice among MP3 users?

Since Microsoft released the 120GB Zune, there has been lust in my heart. I want more and more even though I have now 11 full days worth of music on my 30GB Zune… Meaning that if I turn on my Zune and leave it playing; that joker will play non-stop for 11 days before it completely runs down the entire play list.

It just makes me giggle even though I want MORE!

There may not be any hope for me, friends.

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  1. Anonymous1:00 PM

    I really felt the need to comment on this one but really all I can manage is to shake my head. You are a hoot.