Thursday, November 20, 2008

W.A.S.P. 'The Headless Children'

So I finally got online this morning to check emails and check The Onion for the latest news when a Doors tune started playing on my Zune.

I’ve never been much of a Doors man. I’ve just never cared for them. I never thought Jim Morrison was a genius. When I received my famous Rolling Stone magazine with Morrison on the cover (“He’s Hot, He’s Sexy, He’s Dead”)… I had to read the article to find out who he was (Please keep in mind that I was 13 or so when that issue came out). I wasn’t impressed, so I never fully developed a sense of importance when it came to The Doors.

I only went to see The Doors movie in theaters because it was from one of my favorite film directors, Oliver Stone. Although I liked the film the first time around… During another viewing, I couldn’t find any reason as to why I liked it. I will proudly say that The Doors is one of the worst films ever made. I can clearly understand why the bio-pic spun its development wheels for years before being made. It was crap.

So anyways… I sat down at the computer turned up the volume to hear what my Zune program was playing and it was “Love Hides”.

This particular version comes from The Doors CD ‘Live From Pittsburgh 1970’. It was one of those promos that went from one Rock 92 remote to another. No one ever wanted it for a prize. It was a little dinged up, so I took it out of the rotation and gave it a warm home in my collection. It’s in with all my other cherished and loved CD’s. And from what you’re reading, it’s resides on my Zune.

This live version of “Love Hides” starts immediately with Jim Morrison’s vocals. Being a stickler for interesting lyrics, I couldn’t help busting a gut laughing during the first verse…

“Love hides in the strangest places
Love hides in familiar faces
Love hides in narrow corners
Love hides in molecular structures…”

What?! Molecular structures?!

I looked up the lyrics and it seems that Mr. Morrison was so F’ed up that he got the lyrics wrong on that particular night in Pittsburgh, but my ears were working properly. I did in fact hear another truly stupid lyric from Jim Morrison.

I remember an old girlfriend that really got into “Riders On The Storm”. She thought the song had some of the deepest poetry to ever caress the FM airwaves. She really dug the part…

“There’s a killer on the road
His brain is squirming like a toad…”

For some reason, she thought that metaphor was dead on. “His brain is squirming like a toad… His BRAIN is SQUIRMING like a TOAD!” she yelled at me during that argument.

“When have you ever seen a toad squirm?” I asked. “They jump. Worms squirm. Morrison was a Dr. Suess lyricist! Anything that rhymes works! He was no genius!”

I’ve really tried to find something redeeming about The Doors. It’s just not there for me. Sure… They had some great songs. Maybe they knocked down some barriers. But I just don’t and perhaps never will, get them.

--I have some more pictures from the HUGE Battletech game going on at Casa De Whitley. I’ve had a few people express their feelings about the game. Those few say that I should keep posting the pictures along with the brief recap of the events.

Of course these people are the ones taking part in the game.

I don’t really think that Too Dangerous For Daylight readers care about it. So I’m leaving it up to you… Vote “yea” or “nay” in the comments.

Keep in mind... If you'd like to play or check it out sometime... Give me a holler.


  1. Anonymous2:01 PM

    I'm torn.... Write about it if you want, it is your blog.

  2. Anonymous7:27 PM

    Embrace your inner geek and proudly post the pictures!

  3. Anonymous11:11 PM

    I can't believe you went there. You not only compared that grandstanding, self-important junkie to one of the most talented, original voices of children's literature, but you fucking EQUATED the two.

    Eugene, you're generally a smart guy, but when you make ignorant, unfounded parallels like this just for the sake of being all cool and pop culture-y on your blog, you make my head fucking explode.

  4. Anonymous8:28 AM

    Dayum Christine be nice. I don't much care for the Battletech recaps, my wasp got ate up by a hellbringer or battlemaster. Those PPC's can be brutal!! Watch the heat though.

    In other news its friday!!

  5. Jeez, Christine... Chill out. Perhaps the grandstanding is your continued misunderstanding of humor and constant lashing out at me because of it in a public forum?

  6. Anonymous2:48 PM

    It was just a joke. Nota comparison. Drop the bitch.


  7. Anonymous3:36 PM

    I think you're missing the point, Christine. Eugene was saying that MORRISON was no genius. You implied the rest.

  8. Anonymous7:51 PM

    I'll accept the criticism of my tone - it was late and I took out my irritation over another matter on you. But I'll stand by the base sentiment - calling Jim Morrison a 'Dr. Seuss lyricist' is wrong on every level. Morrison was shit, Seuss was genius. They don't even belong together in the same sentence.

  9. Anonymous8:39 PM

    I say continue with your geeky rantings. It gives me reason to be "mockulatory" ( a word created by Ray Barone ).

    Alos, you can rag on Morrison all you want. But any bad mouthing of Jimi will lead to fisticuffs. That is all.

  10. Anonymous4:20 PM

    Gauss gun to the head makes most mechs dead.

    Battle on.

  11. Anonymous1:57 PM

    I think it was actually Dr. Suess dressed as Gene Simmons at that Halloween party, and Eugene's girlfriend was actually making out with old Theo himself.

    I was dressed as Jim Morrison at the party, and spouting poetry of varying levels of genius as I watched.

    I'm just saying.

  12. Anonymous10:28 AM

    Everything seems to come back around to the X-girlfriend huh? I love it.

  13. Anonymous11:19 PM

    What in THE hell does this have to do with W.A.S.P.'s "The Headless Children"?!