Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Orange Nichole "Orange Nichole"

Over the weekend, I got to play Rock Band for the first time. I must say that I enjoyed it far better than Guitar Hero.

Since I play bass guitar (not so much these days), I chose to go with bass. I can’t remember the first song we attempted, but damn if I didn’t score 96% on the expert level. And that was after downing a small bottle of Jim Beam, a few Buttery Nipple shots, and some Bud Light.

I didn’t even KNOW that I was playing on the expert level! I think the spirit of Bon Scott was hovering nearby watching and longing for a taste.

The second song we attempted was KISS’ “Detroit Rock City”. I got 89% with that one on the expert level. Yeah… I went in a little too confident and a little more liquored up, because I know that song inside and out.

Rock Band’s game play was more like playing a real bass guitar for me than playing git-fiddle on Guitar Hero. The game play actually reacted with what the bass guitar was doing in the song. Guitar Hero Aerosmith had me playing notes that were being provided by the piano in “Dream On”. Guitar Hero seems to follow the melody instead of what’s actually being played on the guitar. Rock Band seems to make more musical sense to me.

I will still play Guitar Hero. I’ve got a saved game with my “band” Ass Play.

I wish I had thought of that name years ago. Ass Play.

I’ve got band names for two levels of play. Ass Play leads off the easy level while Jacques Off is reserved for the medium level. I still haven’t come up with any decent names for the hard and expert levels.

What kind of names are you using?

That is if you’re into Guitar Hero. Please share by leaving a comment.

Here are a few names that have popped into my head…

Cat Punch
Tin Ear
Butt Stake
Crotch Rockit

--My musical choice of the day has proven to be good. I’m not sure where I got it, but I think it was something that was overlooked at a WQFS promo pull. The sticker proclaimed a cover of Blondie’s “Heart Of Glass” and that’s why I probably grabbed it. I’ve had the thing for at least 6 years before I ever played it.

From what I gather, Orange Nichole is (or was) a woman in mid to late 50’s with a stranger than usual guitar. The songs are odd and highly enjoyable. It’s not for everyone. There are plenty of “WTF” moments to be found for those of you not quite as twisted as me.


  1. Anonymous1:25 PM

    Jacques off? That's bad Eugene... my memory card is doomed for hell.

  2. Anonymous9:32 AM

    How about Toe Jamz or perhaps Drummin stooper.
    I can't believe no one is participating by coming forth with the band names they use. There are at least a couple of people that read this blog that I know play Guitar Hero.... Good golly! ;)

  3. My Guitar Hero band name is "Cock Liquor" in homage to my kitchen window full of liquor bottles with suggestive names. (See blog post)

  4. Anonymous3:36 PM

    Good one Molly!
    Love it!