Friday, October 10, 2008

Fastway 'Bad Bad Girls'

Jeff Kay wrote about his reluctance to accept and enjoy new technologies recently on his “blog” The West Virginia Surf Report. I also suffer from this type of techno-procrastination.

This techno-procrastination didn’t fully develop until I reached my 30’s. That’s when I started thinking that money wasn’t just printed up and put into my pockets for spending on stuff that I didn’t really need. I started weighing the real pros and cons on acquiring stuff.

I don’t buy up DVD’s like I once did with VHS tapes. I got burned once buying into a format that was replaced with a better one… It won’t happen again. I have to absolutely love a DVD or DVD set to purchase it these days. If I stand and think about losing a loved one’s life to a heartless thug or losing a season collection of one of my favorite television shows… If it takes a while to think about… Well, then I know it is something I must buy.

It took me some time to purchase a DVD player. My first one was a gift from my parents. I’m sure the thing must have set them back about $200 at the time. I purchased another one a year later that was something like $60. The wait or techno-procrastination is always easier on my pockets.

For years, I didn’t see the need for an MP3 player. Right now, I can’t see myself without one.

As a matter of fact, I keep swooning over the latest 120 gigabyte version released. I see it in the Sunday paper inserts from the box chains and I start to salivate. I fantasize about all that glorious storage and carrying around my CD collection on something that’s about the size of a pack of Benson & Hedges Ultra-Lights.

Those Zune people keep pulling me deeper… I’m in their “Social” now. I’m obsessed with what their new update has done for me.

When a song plays by a major artist, I get a slide show of that artist along with how many times that song has been played in the Zune network. It’s sort of Orwellian, but I don’t care. Those bitches have seduced me good and I just leave it playing.

So far, the lowest amount of plays that I’ve seen belongs to Black Sabbath’s “N.I.B.” with 12 plays.

I’ve got a half-dozen friends assigned to me. I don’t know how I got them or who they are.

It also keeps up with how many song plays I have. I feel like I’m in direct competition with my unknown Zune friends. I keep my Zune running all the time to boost my numbers.

I may need an intervention folks.

If you have a Zune and wanna “socialize”, look me up… Cultradio.

I also added this to my MySpace page… Check it out.

How it keeps up with my “habits” I will never know. But I’m digging it, baby.

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