Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Justin Timberlake 'Futuresex / Lovesounds'

I got a big surprise today. My new glasses were ready for me to pickup in less than 24 hours. I wasn’t expecting them until Friday.

As I write this update, my glasses are on their maiden voyage and riding proudly on my face.

I have to get used to them because the lenses sit a little further away from my eyes than my other pair of glasses. It feels like I’m staring through two aquariums while I’m walking around the house. I’m a little more cautious. I feel like I’m going to bump into something.

Then I made a trip to the pharmacy to unload the rest of the money in my flex account, but I’m still carrying about thirteen bucks in that joker. I’m sure something will need to be purchased before the end of the month.

--I’ve been watching Six Feet Under from Netflix. After watching three seasons of the show, I think I’m going to cut it loose.

Six Feet Under started good, but over time it has become way too much of a soap opera. It was smart and funny, but now it’s all about the characters whining and complaining. If they’re not doing that… They’re fighting with each other. There’s just WAY too much conflict among the characters in season three and I grew tired of it.

I must admit… After watching the season three ender, I had to think about whether to carry on with the show or not. Once I read the Netflix customer reviews, I felt like I did the right thing keeping it off my queue.

Six Feet Under gave me an "OMG" moment there at the end of season three, but not because of what happened on the show. Claire was visiting her father's grave that will also be the place where her mother will eventually spend eternity. The moment came when I noticed that the mother's birthday on the headstone was the same as mine.

Cool, huh?

Now I moved onto season one of Dexter. That show is excellent. Excellent, that is if you can handle watching the life of a “white hat” serial killer.

Dexter is smart and engaging, but not for the squeamish. There are lots of dismemberments and other forms of gore. My only complaint is Erik King’s portrayal of Sgt. James Doakes. He’s just an A-hole without a cause and he just rubs me the wrong way. He’s always barking at the other characters and perpetually pissed off for some unknown reason.

Will it stop me from watching this fantastic show?

Absolutely not!

--Now to something else I love… NASCAR racing!

How about Kyle “The Shrub” Busch?

The guy was at the top of the points race from April until September when the “Chase for the Cup” began. It seems that one of his crew members forgot to tighten a link on the sway bar before the first Chase race. The sway bar is one of the things that controls the way the car handles. It was a bad race for him and I enjoyed every moment of it. Every time the camera singled out his ill-handling car, I was jumping around and giggling like a Japanese school girl. I took great pleasure in watching him struggle to keep the car from going ass-first into the wall.

Things like that are rare, but instead of talking to the race reporters after the conclusion of the event… The Shrub skirted out the side of the hauler and went to his motor home for a good cry.

I don’t know… I can understand his frustration and disappointment after such a bad finish, but I thought that he should have “manned up” and told the viewers that he’d get ‘em next week. It could have eased the guilt among his crew and the disappointment among his fans.

But what can you expect out of an class A jerk like The Shrub?

To add to my enjoyment… Guess what happened to The Shrub last week at Dover?

He blew an engine.

And the immature little A-hole basically did the same thing. He went crying to his motor home. He also said that his hopes for winning the Cup are over.

Excellent words of encouragement for his crew.

Mathematically… The Shrub still has a shot at winning the Cup. But if the crybaby wants to give up with 8 more races to go… I’m seriously cool with that.


  1. Anonymous10:43 PM

    First you hate on Six Feet Under, then you hate on The Shrub? Come on!
    Season three of SFU was the first one I watched, and probably my favorite. (Though, to be fair, that could be because it was the one I saw first.) I hated season two and, I know everyone always says this, but really "it gets better". Yeah, there is a lot of drama, but so much happens! How can you not want to know how it all ends? (I say this as I consider dropping Heroes and battle weekly with my inability to quit Prison Break. But still.. SFU is really good (unlike those two pieces of crap), so... I don't even know what I was saying there. I just can't resist a chance to lament that I can't quit watching things that I know are bad.

  2. Hating on The Shrub is actually quite easy... You would enjoy it more if you weren't blinded by his wins and excellent driving skills. The guy has no personality... Unless you call being an A-hole a type A personality. He's worse than his brother, Jerk Busch.

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  4. Anonymous8:19 PM

    See, but the things you hate about Kyle are the things that make me like him so much. It's the excellent driving skills and the super-cocky "I don't care what you think" attitude that make him so great! I didn't even know he was winning a whole lot until about 10 races into the season. That's just icing on the cake. Then again, I always liked Kurt too.

  5. Anonymous12:19 PM

    Sir, your lack of Kyle Busch bandwagoning disturbs me. NASCAR has gone too nice in recent years. They needed someone with attitude to shake it up. Your precious Robby would have a good candidate, but he lacks the ability to win consistently like said Shrub. I would much rather have Kyle win than stupid smiling Carl, cheating Jimmie or bug-eyed Biff.

    As far as SFU goes, I don't watch it at all, so I simply can't comment. I need to get with the times abd support Dexter.

    Um, that's about it.

  6. Anonymous10:34 AM

    Of all the people to support in Nascar I would rather support the nicest guy on the field than a cry baby who can't take a loss or a tough break in a world where those things are a given.
    It's one thing to have an attitude to "shake things up" it's another just to be a total JERK. Funny how the masses follow a winner regardless.... makes you wonder how this world can get so screwed up huh?