Monday, July 21, 2008

The True Brothers 'Early And Rare Vol. 1 & 2'

I guess no one wants that Coldplay CD… Then again, I didn’t exactly give it a good review. I still have it and if you want it, just let me know by shooting me an email.

I just want to make sure it goes to a good home. Otherwise, I’ll just give it to a group of bonfire hungry Baptists that want to rid the world of some lame (in my opinion) “devil music”.

If you noticed my musical selection from this past Saturday, then you know I spent that day listening to Thriving Ivory. I think I made it past five of those whiny emo types of songs until I yanked that joker out of the CD player in my truck.

I found myself motoring towards Kernersville at a high rate of speed and that thing had to go. But I’m going to leave those tunes in my Zune MP3 player just in case something pops up and I find myself liking it.

Hey… It can happen. I want to give those whiny mofos the benefit of my first doubt.

--I haven’t been able to check out the new Batman flick. The past weekend was filled with activity that wouldn’t allow me to park my behind in a theater for two and a half hours. I’m itching to see The Dark Knight and hopefully I will see it before the end of the week.

I’m also dying to see the 3D version of Journey To The Center Of The Earth with Brandon Fraiser. Time just isn’t on my side these days.

--Over the weekend, I managed to watch some titles from Netflix… Great Debaters with Denzel Washington (4 out of 5 stars), Untraceable with Diane Lane (3 out of 5 stars), and Youth Without Youth with Tim Roth (1 out of 5 stars). Man o’ man did that last one stink up the place.

At the 20-minute mark, I had no idea what Youth Without Youth was about or where it was going.


That joker was back in a Netflix sleeve and shoved into a mailbox before you could say Francis Ford Coppola.

Untraceable was a very good film, but I couldn't understand one particular plot point... The killer used site hits to light up some heat lamps to kill a guy. I was practically yelling at the television for the characters in the film to get in touch with the Electric Company.

I'm not an expert, but I'd think 50 heat lamps would suck up a lot of power. So much power that you would be able to trace exactly where electricity is spiking. They can do that with indoor marijuana grow farms... Why couldn't you do that with heat lamps?


--Here’s an email from my friend Frank Young:

hey Eugene, let the computer geek help you out.
KB = kilo bytes or 1000 bytes;
MB = mega bytes or a million bytes and GB = giga bytes or a billion bytes. A byte is a unit of data on a computer. When you look a computer file, read the number and the letters after it, to get an idea of how BIG the file is. Obviously, Billion is bigger than Thousand, so imagine an actual manila file folder filled with paper letters or documents. The more 'paper data' in the file folder means the bigger the actual file size. I know this is over simplified but I wanted to just give you a quick lesson.


I appreciate the effort Frank, but I’m really not getting it. The bytes thing confuses the hell out of me. I guess I can’t wrap my mind around it because those things aren’t “tangible”. I can’t see or imagine how big those bytes are.

--Here’s an interesting video sent to me from Brad K. I found it quite funny. Enjoy!


  1. A couple of things.
    1) I'll take the Coldplay CD if no one wants it. I have the album obviously, but I have a friend who would really, really love to have it.
    2) Let's not forget our friend the Terabyte which is equal to 1000 Gigabytes :)

    I'll explain it to you so you'll understand when I see you! It will involve a shot glass, a pint glass, a fifth and a growler! THAT I know you'll understand! Fo sho!

  2. Anonymous12:25 PM

    With all of that Scorp... it's possible I could come to understand that stuff as well!
    Let me know when the class begins!

  3. Anonymous2:25 PM

    Damn. I have recently come to love Coldplay. They're a band that kind of grows on you.

    There's an XM station that is currently playing 30 days of Coldplay, and when I'm not tuned to Rock 92, I find that it's the XM station of choice right now.

    I downloaded the album on the first day of release, which is why I didn't try and claim it before. :)

    And on the whole bits/bytes thing, let me drill down a bit more:

    The whole bits/bytes thing is binary code.

    A bit is either a one or a zero
    A byte is eight bits.
    Those eight bits make up a code that basically translates into information such as a character on your keyboard. I used to demonstrate this concept with four pink and four purple plastic cups. Depending on the order of the zeroes and ones, your information gets translated into something that can be read and understood.

    A kilobyte is roughly 1000 bytes (technically 1024, but I won't be such a geek)... and we'll let Frank's explanation take it from there.