Wednesday, July 16, 2008

"They Call Me The Fat Man..." Antoine "Fats" Domino The Legendary Imperial Recordings Disc 1

The last Sunday morning started off with no particular agenda. No time to be anywhere and nowhere to be at a certain time. It was a leisure sunshiny day where I found myself bathed in the warm rays of the sun every time I stepped out of the shadows. I felt alive and perhaps a little sweaty in places.

Allyson drove us to the closest Bob Evans restaurant where the hostess snickered at my t-shirt. I was wearing the shirt my mother gave me a few years ago on Valentine’s Day. It’s gray with a silk-screened pink candy heart in the center of the chest. You know… Like the small ones with printed messages on them. The heart on my shirt has a message saying… “2HOT2HANDLE”

I told the hostess that my mother’s opinion of me is much higher than everyone else’s.

She said… And I am quoting here… “I thought it meant that you were a bad boy.”

I think I even heard an “Amen” from a table of people beginning to eat nearby.

I had a Bacon Cheeseburger and French fries for breakfast. Along with a diet cola. Allyson ordered some eggs with a side of hash browns and hotcakes. She wanted to order a pot of coffee, but I kept to my rules concerning my intake of java. I don’t drink it when the high temperature of the day is above 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

I read the last newspaper that I got from the vending machine outside. Allyson didn’t want me to get one particular newspaper offered. She had a problem with it because the family that owned the newspaper once had slaves or something like that. I wasn’t really listening until she yelled at me for buying THAT very paper.

I calmed her nerves by telling her that all those bad racist people are dead now.

We hung out for a short time when we got back to her place.

I don’t know when I left Allyson’s… I didn’t look at the time. I don’t even know when I got back home. It was a great ride home with my Zune player set on random.

--There won’t be another update until Saturday. I’ll be doing a little work in Boone with the Murphy In The Morning show Friday. I’m leaving Thursday afternoon for a return planned around noon Friday.

See ya Saturday.

Here's some Fats Domino for you to enjoy. Look for Mike Connors, TV's Mannix in there.

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