Wednesday, July 09, 2008

OneRepublic 'Dreaming Out Loud'

Another good reason why I shouldn’t be a parent:

Working at a radio station, I get my hands on all kinds of things. And some of these things can be of an adult nature.

For example… Rock 92 had a promotion with the folks that produce the Girls Gone Wild videos. They sent us a prize pack consisting of a DVD, a soundtrack CD, and a baseball cap with a patch of the Girls Gone Wild logo. I had never seen one of these collections, so I took a left over prize pack home to see what all the hubbub was about.

Basically… I’m an all-American guy. I can appreciate the female form, but I didn’t understand what was so great about watching two hours of girls on spring break flashing video cameras for t-shirts. Sure, the entrepreneur in me could appreciate the low overhead with terrific payoffs… But I found the whole thing quite degrading and lowbrow.

I gave that DVD to a friend of mine and the hat just sort of floated around in my truck. The CD is still in my collection because it had some cool remixed tunes on it.

One day I had to go by the bank to make a deposit and I used the drive-thru. So I thought it would be funny to put the hat on Preston who was sitting in the child’s seat on the passenger side. Just to see a shocked expression on the face of the drive-thru teller would be enough to make me happy.

I didn’t get the desired results, but it did cause the teller to do a double-take.

And over the years, I had forgotten about that hat until I recently got tired of rolling around God’s creation with a bunch of krunk in my truck. While giving my truck Roxy a thoroughly cleaning recently, I found that hat. So I decided to give it to Preston who can now read.

He likes wild. He likes girls. I thought it would be a natural fit.

So I gave the hat to my parents who had no idea what the Girls Gone Wild video series was all about. My mother (a strong willed and devoted Southern Baptist) said that she’d give it to him. It was all I could do to hide my snickering from her.

She took it to church on a Wednesday night to give to Preston.

After the service, she gave it to Preston. His memory of the hat kicked in and he immediately put it on his head, climbed into his parents vehicle, and rolled through the parking lot of the church.

Yep… His window was rolled down and he was waving and saying his “goodbyes” to all the fellow church-goers while wearing a Girls Gone Wild baseball cap.

His mother wasn’t too pleased with me.


  1. Anonymous11:44 AM

    I can't help but laugh everytime I think about that story.

  2. I still enjoy the DVD to this day!!! YES, I'm a perv, so?!?!?

  3. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Let me paint the picture of Preston, The hat, and Tina for you since I was in the passenger seat of her Nissan.

    Tina: What does Peston have on his head?
    Me: A hat Papa just gave him.
    Tina: Does it read "Girls Gone Wild"?
    Me: I don't know.
    Tina: Preston, Give me that hat!!
    Preston: But, but Papa gave it to me.
    Tina: Preston, GIVE ME THE HAT!!
    Prston: (Hands the hat to his Mommy) But..Papa gave it to me.
    Tina: I don't care what Papa gave you.
    Tina: (Looking at me) Where did Papa get this?
    Me: I have no idea
    Tina: (under her breath) Papa and I will be talking about this.
    Chloe: Ooooh Preston is in troubbbble!!
    Me: Chloe hush or you are in trouble.
    Preston: Can I have my hat back?
    Tina: NO!!

    What a lovely car hide home..Not!! I should of thought that Papa would of never given Preston such a hat.


  4. Uncle 'Gene rocks, eh!?

  5. Anonymous3:43 PM

    priceless! I remember those hats... mine went to a Hooters girl at a remote.