Friday, May 02, 2008

XTC 'Skylarking'

I didn’t mean to go off on my own list of hard rock notables on yesterday’s blog… When I signed onto Yahoo! to check my email, I saw an article that piqued my interest. There was no stopping my tangent.

And the great thing… Like J and Clay Howard did… Make comments of your own. You disagree with me, post a comment. You want to add something, post a comment. If I’m wrong about something, kick me in the ass and let me know.

In case you missed it, my dear friend Christine recently cussed me out in the comments forum. We’re still going to disagree when it comes to politics, but I’m willing to listen to her points even if she throws the “F word” at me like a Major League pitcher.

Who knows?

She may have a point that I never thought about before. I may seem hard-headed, but I do listen.

-- Is it wrong or crazy for me to get excited about socks?

I went out today and purchased white crew length socks, black crew length socks, and for the very first time in my 41 years of existence… White ankle socks.

I needed new shoes. I purchased another pair of athletic type of hiking shoes to replace my old ones along with a pair of white low-cut running shoes.

That’s where the ankle socks come in…

I don’t do much bare-footing. Going barefoot for me is walking around the house without socks and shoes. I generally don’t leave the house without shoes. I am a tenderfoot in the purist sense. I don’t even go barefoot on the beach!

I can walk out onto my driveway, step on the sorriest excuse of a stick, and I’m cussing like I just stepped on a shard of glass from a broken 7-Up bottle. That sh*t hurts!

One day, I was walking around the house barefoot and my sister Tina noticed something… She jokingly called me “Boots”. I had no idea what she was talking about, but it sure as hell amused her. So I asked for clarification.

My legs were tan, but my feet were pasty-white like a black cat with white feet. The kind of cat that would be affectionately named “Boots”.

So I’m planning on sitting outside to sun my pale feet and wear socks that don’t come up to my kneecaps.

That’s why I’m excited about my new socks.

But why does it seem so wrong to me?

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