Sunday, April 20, 2008

Body Count 'Violent Demise: The Last Days'

Since I haven’t been really good about this whole updating and staying fresh because of my hair-pulling busy days… Permit me to backtrack a little.

On the same day where I had a NASCAR-like spectacular tire blowout in the Rock 92 van that came complete with bent up and destroyed vehicle parts strewn across 220 South… I also got a call that slightly irritated me.

Part of my job is to do lots of different jobs. I wear many hats. I’m not only the overnight jock that cracks up the guys and turns on the ladies with my deep voice… I’m also the Promotions Coordinator for both Rock 92 and our sister station, 1075KZL. I also do a lot of grunt work, take part in meetings, and I answer the phones once a week at the reception desk.

On this particular day… A day where I found myself strolling through a mine field of busy… I was on the phones. There are lots of hangs ups because some folks are so blinded by the money they can win during 1075KZL’s Secret Sound contest that they don’t take time to figure out the difference between the business lines and request lines. No biggie, I love talking to a dial tone halfway through my telephone greeting.

One call managed to stand out.

A polite woman on the other end asked for “Katherine”. Right off the bat, I didn’t know a “Katherine”. So I asked the lady on the other end if she had a last name for “Katherine”. She said no and started telling me that she was with the Barack Obama campaign… Then I put two and two together and realized that the “Katherine” was Katie from the Murphy In The Morning show.

Katie and Jared got themselves some media passes to attend Barack’s Town Hall Meeting that took place at the Greensboro Coliseum a few weeks ago. We started chatting about the Town Hall Meeting that took place and then she started getting all zealous on me. She could give Jehovah Witness’ lessons, let me tell ya.

“Are you a registered voter?” she asked.

“Yes I am,” I replied with a tone that tried to convey a I don’t want to get into this attitude. But her JW Boot Camp tactics weren’t going to allow her to just let it go.

“Who are you planning to vote for?” she asked.

“I’m voting for the Libertarian candidate,” I said without a confrontational attitude.

“So you’re not voting at all?” she asked.

I was still trying to be pleasant. “I vote my convictions, win or lose. I will never vote for a Democrat that runs for an office that can increase my taxes, take my hard earned money, and give it to members of the population that suck off the government like parasites instead earning their own way. I vote for a party that will allow people freedom to do what they want… Get an abortion, own a gun, and put whatever drug they want into their bodies. A party that wants smaller government, no income taxes, and allows people to have true freedom of choice. Would you like Katie’s voicemail?”

She opted for the voicemail.

What is it with religious and political folks? Why are they always trying to convert you?

It’s like the Steve Earle show the other night… I wanted to be entertained. I didn’t want his self-indulgent attitude of “I’ll f-ing play what I want” mixed with a heavy dose of liberal beliefs… Although I agree that we shouldn’t be in Iraq setting up a puppet regime so the sheep of this country can drive up and down the highways in their sheep mobiles (what I call SUV’s) while stuffing the pockets of the government protected oil companies.

And lets not forget about our men and women over there dying for the profits of these companies. They’re not fighting for our freedom. In my opinion, you’re blind if you think troops are over there to keep us free.

I agree with a lot of Earle’s beliefs. I just wanted to hear the songs that caused me to purchase his compact discs in the first place. And I didn’t get that.

Sorry… I didn’t mean to go off on a rant. I’ve been told that I should write from time to time about things that “matter”, but I don’t think people really want to read about things like that. They want to be entertained. Get a few laughs. Step away from reality for a moment.

Think about this… Who listens to Limbaugh?

The folks that agree with that sort of crap.

Who listens to NPR and programs like the ones found there?

The folks that agree with that sort of crap.

Earle was doing nothing but choir-preaching and even said that to the audience that night. All the other political and pseudo-political artists out there doing the same thing should just shut the hell up. I would like my musical entertainment politic free. Save that crap for the visual artists that allow folks to make up their own minds without the amplified speechifying.

Just my opinion.


  1. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Yay, stuff that matters...As you would say, "that warms my dark little heart"

  2. You should twitter.

  3. What does "twitter" mean?

  4. You don't know about twitter? You can link it to your blog, too.

  5. Anonymous7:42 AM

    Let Heaven and Nature sing...

  6. Anonymous8:49 AM

    They are all so afraid that we will live a life of de`bauchery...

  7. Okay... I checked out your Twitter and I don't get it.

    Now keep in mind, I often don't "get" things that seem really simple.

    From what I understand, Twitter is a great way to inform stalkers of your whereabouts. Since I am looking for my first justifiable homicide... Twitter may be the way to go.

  8. Anonymous10:42 AM

    "increase my taxes, take my hard earned money, and give it to members of the population that suck off the government like parasites..."

    Like Gwyneth and I, who depend on the state of NC for our health coverage, because we can't afford it on our own. Were it not for the Democrats, you can bet we wouldn't have any at all. Parasites, both of us.

    So fuck you, Eugene. Sincerely. Fuck. You.

  9. Anonymous12:54 PM

    Ok, I have serious issues with this last comment...!! I work a full time job, I pay for my own health care and barly get by check to check without any and I mean ANY help from NC... Hell, I don't even get daycare assistance so don't be so don't be so proud to be a parasite... It's parasites that cause the rest of us to suffer...!!!! J

  10. "members of the population that suck off the government like parasites instead earning their own way"

    Christine... I've known you for 15 years. And I've always known you to work a job. I wouldn't consider you a parasite.

    I wanted to use the word "certain" when talking about "members of the population", but I didn't because of the oversensitivity of some members of the population. Using the word "certain" can be construed as racist by folks with an ax to grind.

    Perhaps I should have said "members of the population that refuse to work".

    You're entitled to your opinion as I am to mine.