Monday, March 10, 2008

Various Artists 'Rave 'til Dawn'

Back when North Carolina finally decided to get along with “the program” of legalized gambling in the form of a lottery… I thought I’d not only pay involuntary taxes to school other people’s children, but on occasion, I would also shell out money for a few scratch tickets. They’re fun. They’re harmless… At least to me since I’m not a habitual gambler. So I purchased 5 one dollar scratch cards on that first day. The kids get the benefit, right?

I didn’t win anything, but my contribution helped pay for a fourth of a text book… Theoretically. I made up my mind that I would purchase 5 one dollar scratch cards every payday. If I won $5 or less, I’d opt to get more scratch cards instead of the money. Anything over $5 and I’d walk home with a little more jingle in my pocket.

It was a good plan.

But somehow, I just didn’t follow up on it. That is until last January where I purchase 5 tickets. I won nothing. No big whoop.

I missed getting tickets for the entire month of February and decided last week to pick up 10 to make up the difference. I won $7. So I traded in those tickets for more… And guess what… I won $35!

I spent it on booze.

Should I be concerned about this?

I’m gambling. And with my winnings I’m buying alcohol. Another evil! Maybe I’ll buy some cigarettes with my next big break of luck… And in the back of my mind, I’m worried that if I win some serious green… Like a couple hundred dollars… I may just spend it on a call girl or hit a massage parlor to have a small Asian woman walk barefoot up and down my spine.

I just don’t know where I’ll end up. Feel free to organize an intervention.

--Over the weekend, I managed to watch some of my season one of Newhart on DVD. And I’m loving it!

I’ve been waiting for years for this show to hit DVD! Now I’m itching for the second season and I may go out and pick up the whole collection of The Bob Newhart Show. After all, they’re both connected in weird ways.

I highly recommend Newhart. It’s good stuff!

--I was invited to a party last Saturday night. There was going to be lots of free food and lots of free booze… Two of my favorite things with one of my favorite words attached to them, but I didn’t go.


I asked the person who invited me what the occasion was and he said with a disapproving face that looked as if his nose got a snoot full of cat box odors, “It’s the Duke and Carolina game.”

“No thanks,” I said.

I don’t like basketball and I’m sure I’d be the only one there not watching or caring… And annoying the crap out of everyone that does care with my stupid little comments.

I think I did the right thing.

Apparently UNC beat the Blue Devils while the world kept spinning.

--Speaking of boring sports… Did you hear where 78 people were injured in Columbia when a riot broke out during a soccer game or match or whatever they call it?

Soccer is so mind numbingly boring that the fans are compelled to riot in order to have a good time.

At least that’s my theory.

I thank Buddha that I live in a country where people couldn’t care less. But I do like watching the riot highlights… Keep ‘em coming you crazy soccer loving countries!


  1. Roller derby in Raleigh, Saturday, March 29...just sayin'! ;)


  2. ah. finally. good grief.