Monday, March 03, 2008

Mother Love Bone 'Apple'

Do you ever have those kind of days where you’re simply driving across town with no time constraints and for no particular reason? And yet that drive across town turns into an obstacle course of motorized idiots? Do you ever have those kind of days?

I had that kind of day last Thursday. I don’t know what the scientific observations of last Thursday were… Whether Mercury was or is in retro-grade or if the planets were in some sort of Anti-Christ Arrival warning alignment or what… It was nuts out there.

Normally, the mean streets of Greensboro are filled with folks zipping through town at speeds that get Brother Bacon’s attention. But last Thursday was different. Very different.

Folks weren’t abusing the speed limits as they talked on their cell phones… They were moving slowly. Too slowly for my tastes. Five miles per hour slower than the posted speed limit is too slow for my tastes.

Every time I would change lanes… Someone else would slow down to where I could count the cracks in the pavement. Battleground Avenue has 1,648 cracks between the split with Lawndale up to Cone Boulevard… In case you’re wondering.

And the most aggravating thing… There was the rare “A-hole” driver out there that was still able to zip around through traffic at breakneck speeds in a very unsafe manner. I guess they considered last Thursday’s obstacle course as “fun” and “exciting” while my blood pressure was getting high enough to shoot streams of O+ through my eye sockets.

I just thought I’d share…

--Free Food February is finally over!

I was on the 2 Guys Named Chris show on Friday morning talking about it. They were kind enough to have me on the program and feed me on the last day.

Here’s the food breakdown since the last update:


Bill’s Pizza… Pepperoni & Sausage (courtesy of Michael Bluth)


BoJangles Sausage, Egg, & Cheese Biscuit (courtesy of Chris Demm via listener)
Some leftover Bill’s Pizza
The McKnight Sandwich from Natty Greene’s (courtesy of Weather Dave)

Weather Dave was the last person to buy me a meal during Free Food February. I had the McKnight Sandwich… I call it that because it’s something my boss Doug “E Fresh” McKnight eats there. It’s a grilled ham n’ cheese with a side of mustard. Damn good sandwich! If you’re at Natty’s and you’re so inclined… Order yourself a McKnight. You won’t regret it.

And my next update tomorrow… I will announce a little something something about my Free Food February experiment. Right now, I’m going to call it a night.

Thanks for checking in!

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