Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Everclear 'So Much For The Afterglow'

This is going to be another quick update friends…

March can be a busy time for a promotions departments at radio stations… Throw in Easter with Egg Festivals and all hell breaks loose.

To top it off, we’ve got an American Idol coming into the studio tomorrow night.

Do I care?

Nope. Not at all.

I don’t think he’s really an American Idol because I can’t even remember who won the “competition” last year. All I know is that he “beat boxes” while he delivers his musical selections. His name is Blake Lewis and he’ll be on “The Freek Show” tomorrow night with Tripper on 1075KZL.

I’ve lined up the necessary people to cover this event and wrangle the listeners who won their way into a meet and greet with Mr. Lewis so I won’t have to be there.

Let Heaven and nature sing!

In my opinion, Blake Lewis will be nothing more than a footnote in both worlds of music and television. Much like Clay Aiken, that Justin dude with curly hair, Rudolph Stubbins (the large black man), Fantasia (the woman that can put both of her fists into her mouth), and all the others that I can’t remember or care about.

To me, Kelly Clarkson is the only apple out of the bunch that won’t go bad. Sure, her audience has turned their attentions to the latest flavors of the month, but I truly believe that she is a talented performer and songwriter. Yes… Songwriter.

Don’t get me wrong… I wish Blake Lewis all the luck in the world… But do I see him as important as Bobby McFerrin?

How does a resounding “no” grab you?

--Since I’m on the subject of music… What’s the deal with Sheryl Crow joining Fleetwood Mac?

Isn’t she successful enough that she doesn’t need to hook up with one of rock n’ roll’s greatest collective drama bands? Who will bed her first for the next autobiography? Mick Fleetwood? Lindsey Buckingham? John McVie? Or Stevie Nicks?

I'm guessing they asked Sammy Hagar to join up, but I'm sure he's too busy making adult beverages in Mexico.

Or maybe Fleetwood Mac is turning themselves into a Menudo where they shove out an old member to replace them with a newer model?

KISS seems to be doing the same thing… Peter Criss wasn’t happy raking in millions of dollars while playing “triggered” drum kits, so they replaced him with Eric Singer (Badlands and replacement for Eric Carr before the 1996 reunion). Ace Frehely would rather play with his Micronauts instead of shredding Les Pauls, so they replaced him with Tommy Thayer (Black n’ Blue).

Personally… I don’t like what KISS is doing. Eric and Tommy are wearing the makeup of the Catman and Space Ace… KISS is almost like a tribute band, but damn if they don’t sound better than they ever did without Peter and Ace.

We had the reunion and “farewell” tours with all the makeup and fireworks. I can do without it now. I just think that KISS needs to settle into their “old age” by taking off the makeup, go acoustic, and hit the smaller halls.

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  1. Anonymous9:48 AM

    I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment of Kelly Clarkson. She's a wonderful singer and a great songwriter. I'm certainly not surprised that you picked up on her songwriting skills.