Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Abe Reid & The Spikedrivers 'Live: 8-31-02'

I should have a DVD copy of Chinatown in my mailbox tomorrow and I’m not all that excited about it.

The first time I saw Chinatown, I hated it. I hated it more than Joseph McCarthy hated a communist. I nearly fell asleep watching it and had to put Terminator in the VCR (yes, I rented it from Blockbuster back in the day) just to cleanse the palate.

When I first joined Netflix… I started rating all the films that I had seen. If I had a dull moment at work, I’d jump on Netflix and start rating movies until I ran out of things that I had seen.

I gave Chinatown 2 out of 5 stars. Yeah… A film that is listed under “Classics” on Netflix. I just couldn’t see it.

My friend Brad Kesler said that I should give it another try… And since I saw it back around 1987, I thought he may have a point. So I added it to my queue, but didn’t bother to push it to the top. After all… There are far worse movies to see before I get to that one again.

We shall see… I’m trying to remain positive about it. Like the time I reviewed the Poison concert for the Greensboro News & Record. I hated Poison, but I had to look and listen to more than their music. Strange thing… I LOVED them that night! I gave them a good review.

My mind is trepidasiouly open.

Here’s the update for Free Food February:


A Ragin’ Cajun steak at Sagebrush
2 servings of Sagebrush Kicked Up Collard Greens (all courtesy of J)


An order of boneless wings from Applebee’s (courtesy of J)


2 packages of Lance Toastchee crackers (from station supply)


1 package of Lance Toastchee crackers (from station supply)
3 Farmer’s Daughter chicken strips (delivered to the Murphy in the Morning crew)
1 Farmer’s Daughter tenderloin biscuit
Cheeseburger combo with French Fries at Fincastle’s (courtesy of Bradford “Hinzy” Hines)
3 Taco Bell Tacos (courtesy of Mom)

I had those boneless wings early Sunday morning… Around 12:30am. I went all day Sunday with nothing. I kept drinking water to fill my empty belly and around 6pm, the hunger left me. I didn’t feel all that hungry on Monday either considering that all I had for the day was 2 packages of Lance crackers.

I felt a little hungry this morning and was thankful when the Farmer’s Daughter brought in enough food to feed the Murphy in the Morning crew and a few “bums” like me. The food was much appreciated and delicious.

Hinzy took me to lunch and I was very thankful for that! It was good to catch up with Bradford “Hinzy” Hines and shoot the sh*t over a couple of delicious Fincastle’s burgers.

And thanks to Mom for coming through with 3 Taco Bell tacos.

Tomorrow shouldn’t be bad at all… We’ll have the 10:30am Promotional “Feeding”… Uh, meeting… And all should be good.

I may be on the 2 Guys Named Chris show Thursday morning to discuss it, so tune in… Won’t you?

If you’re out of the Rock 92 listening area, you can listen online here.

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