Wednesday, October 10, 2007

'A Little Piece Of Rope' by Tapehead Studios

I completely missed the voting boat yesterday. How could I miss it? The damn signs were everywhere including the one with the lazy eye city council candidate.

I’m usually very good about voting, but for some reason it never occurred to me that there would be primaries before the big elections in November. And besides, chances are that I would only be allowed to vote for 2 things.

I’m in the unaffiliated camp, or what they call independent.

I used to be listed as a Libertarian until they didn’t have enough registered voters during the last gubernatorial election. Yeah, the Libertarian Party is nationally recognized, but our great state doesn’t like third parties messing up things. So they use voter turnout to determine whether or not to allow them to play. I suppose it keeps the old boys happy when there’s only 2 parties invited to the big dance.

In case you didn’t know… As Libertarians we are proponents of small government, we’re against income taxes, we like our guns, and you can do just about any drug you want because we’re all for legalization.

I felt bad when I realized that I missed my chance to have a say in my local government. It really isn’t a big deal, but it does bother me.

Have you ever thought about running for a spot in local government?

--What’s the deal with Hannah Montana?

There’s going to be a Hannah Montana concert next month at the Greensboro Coliseum and people are going nuts about it. My coworkers and I have been approached by people that we haven’t heard from in years… And what do they ask about? Tickets to Hannah Montana.

I have never seen the show. Nor do I want to. I just can’t remember anything like that when I was young. I don’t even remember the Osmonds coming around when I was a kid.

And the bad thing for most people who want to take their kids… They can’t get tickets unless they pay through the nose and anus to ticket brokers. Just look on eBay and see what I’m talking about. It’s crazy and I don’t get it.

The craziest thing I ever remember attending was the Custom Car Show at the Coliseum when John Schneider, TV’s “Bo Duke” from The Dukes Of Hazzard was making an appearance. My sister Tina couldn’t wait to meet him and she wasn’t alone… There were long lines of young teenage girls waiting to meet their favorite Duke Boy.

Poor Tom Wopat was probably spending his free time in therapy working out his “red-headed stepchild” complex.

Well… I really have nothing. So it’s time I should wrap things up…

Today’s musical choice is a mix tape by someone whose name escapes me… I’m not sure but I think his name is or was Larry White. It’s a mix where the audio from an old radio drama is put together with music to carry the storyline along. A soundtrack narrative, if you will.

You can find out more about his mixes by visiting this site. There’s even some listings by me on there. Here's a copy of the play list...

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  1. Anonymous7:09 PM

    1. I considered running for school board a couple of years ago. I decided not to because I'm not so diplomatic sometimes when it comes to identifying stupidity, and I'd be causing controversy too much. I am also prone to wearing blue jeans and tee shirts as much as humanly possible, which would make for some poor campaigning, I suppose.

    2. Hannah Montana. WTF???? I did go and see David Cassidy at the coliseum when I was approximately six years old, but tickets to shows back then were really cheap. I have stubs from the early 80s where a concert for a big act cost less than $15. I don't recall if the Osmonds toured here -- he was too much of a goody-goody for me even back then. :) I won't be asking you for Hannah Montana tickets... but if you have any for Robert Cray, I'll get to work on finding a babysitter for Thursday night... hahahaha.