Monday, October 22, 2007

David Coverdale / Jimmy Page 'Coverdale Page'

Now that my Zune MP3 player is acting properly… I’m starting to really dig that joker! I like curling up with a book while digitally compressed tunes pour into my ear holes. How could I have fought this for so long?

That’s just me.

And is it possible for my mood to change on this subject as soon as Gretchen II decides to lock up tighter than Baptist girl on Prom night?


I just “ripped” 2 CD’s from Flipp and another by Jo Jo. And it only took like 5 minutes to do just that along with the “synching” with Gretchen II to make sure all the music is on there. I’m telling ya… I’m so loving this new technology.

Who knows what’s next for me? I may just get a DVR and ditch my VHS VCR!

Actually, I have looked into getting myself a DVR through DirecTV. I need a working phone line so it can “talk” back and forth for up to date information. I haven’t used a phone line for that bastard for a couple of years. I knew that my dual jack was busted and just figured that would be a cinch to fix. Just a quick trip to Radio Shack to pick up a replacement, right?


So now I’m thinking that it’s either the relay junction (to link one cord to another) or just a bad cord. Once I get the time and gumption to do it… I should be on the DVR bandwagon soon afterwards. Meanwhile, it’s me and the ol’ standby VHS.

--Speaking of things VHS… I’m still in the habit of taping my TV shows for later viewing. I just can’t get behind watching all those commercials. Maybe it’s just me, but Reaper seems to run about 8 minutes between the commercial breaks. I simply cannot abide by that.

And here are some of my thoughts about some of the new and not so new shows on television…

Monday--- Chuck… I’m totally digging this new show at 8pm. Some of my friends just aren’t feeling it.

Heroes… The whole Hiro in old Japan is boring the hell out of me and the show seems to have stalled. Although I will probably stick with it… The pace has to pick up soon.

Tuesday--- Reaper… I’m not enjoying it as much as I thought I would. It seems that most of my friends who watch it are spending their time laughing their asses off during every episode. Me? I haven’t laughed out loud once. But it’s crafty enough to keep me coming back every week.

Wednesday--- Pushing Daisies… I like the premise and I liked the show right out of the gate, but it’s starting to wear thin in only the third episode. I don’t know if I’m going to ride this one out.

Bionic Woman… The show is moving along like a slug. I have the same kind of questions I did back when I was 8 or 9 when the Six Million Dollar Man made its premiere… How does Jamie Summers' non-bionic arm keep up with the rest of her body while she’s in sixty mile per hour motion? I just don’t think that it’s possible and I’m having a hard time suspending my disbelief with that one. Props for 2 refugees from the new Battlestar Galactica series popping up. And where the hell is Oscar Goldman? I’ll continue to stick it out.

Thursday--- My Name Is Earl… The show still has its funny moments, but overall I think that its losing steam. It just doesn’t make me laugh like it used to despite the show’s intelligence. Still one of the best comedies on TV (I haven’t seen any of this season’s Two And A Half Men).

Supernatural… Still a damn fine show! No complaints.

Leave a comment if you disagree and feel free to tell us about your favorites!

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  1. Anonymous8:44 PM

    I'll cover the ground you did, then go out on my own:

    Chuck - I almost gave up, but I think I'm finally starting to warm to it.

    Heroes - definitely suffering from the sophomore slump. Hoping it picks up soon. (Although, unlike you, the Hiro in feudal Japan is just about the only story line that is holding my attention right now.)

    Reaper - still loving this show, but they've got to switch up the formula a bit; it's already totally predictable

    Pushing Daisies - while I applaud the risk-taking, the concept, the whimsy, and just about everything else, I have to admit that the show itself isn't my cup of tea

    Bionic Woman - could they possibly cast a more drab, dreary Jaime Sommers? At least I cared what happened to Lindsey Wagner's version. I'm afraid I'll have to cut this one loose soon unless there are some drastic changes.

    My Name is Earl - Liking, not loving, the in-prison twist. Waiting for Alyssa Milano's 8-episode arc to begin - watching her play off Joy should be, well, a joy.

    Supernatural - quite possibly my favorite show on TV right now. I wouldn't change a thing.

    I gave up on Journeyman (too dreary) and Moonlight (too CBS) after 2 episodes apiece. Of the rest of the new crop, I'm sticking with Aliens in America, Private Practice, and Dirty Sexy Money so far. I was also pleasantly surprised by the Samantha Who? pilot, so I'll give that a few more tries as well.