Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Honeydrippers 'Volume One'

Last Wednesday evening, I was meeting my friend Kristina for dinner. I had missed her birthday (which she takes very seriously, btw) because of my duties with the Summertime Brewsfest.

Our dinner time was between 8 and 8:30, so that gave me plenty of time to get a haircut and drop by the watering hole… O’Charley’s off Wendover.

I haven’t been to this watering hole since late June and I was surprised with all the changes. There was no Laura or Lindsey behind the bar pulling my huge Yuenglings or pouring me a double shot of Jim Beam. There was Calvin.

Now don’t get me wrong… I like Calvin, but Laura and Lindsey are better looking in my opinion. And besides, the ladies and I have a history. Kristina and I have gotten to know them over the last year or so. So I started to get to know Calvin.

During the course of the night, Calvin was asked to produce a Harvey Wallbanger for a customer.

I had to ask if what I heard was true because I was sure that the alcohol that I had consumed were clouding my ears… Calvin assured me that it was true as he dug around in a cabinet overhead filled with liquors and liqueurs that are only called into action every 2 or 3 years.

I asked Calvin where this customer was seated because I had to see this individual. I’m sure that he just sort of appeared out of a time-traveling portal with a head loaded down with fresh Brylcreem direct from the 1950’s. I mean seriously… Who orders those things?

As it turned out, that was Calvin’s first Harvey Wallbanger. And since I had never had one, I asked him to whip one up for me. I wanted the honor of having his second Wallbanger.

I was surprised to find that it was basically a Screwdriver with Galliano added. And the sh*t was good! It tasted like those white confectionary hearts with printed messages on them that come out around Valentine’s Day. I would like one right now and who knows, I may start drinking them on a regular basis.

Here’s Calvin folks… Drop by O’Charley’s sometime, order a Harvey Wallbanger, and tell him I sent ya.

And yesterday morning, I did something that was a first for me. I filmed a spot with Josh to play on the WCWG TV 20 .

For some reason, I thought it would be a very simple thing to do. You just give out the basic information while hanging out in front of a camera… Well, that isn’t true.

It was tough to do! I couldn’t believe that they were going to make me actually memorize something to say. Josh had a script all printed out and I was expected to swallow, digest, and regurgitate it all within the next few minutes.


I’m not used to doing such things… I basically read out loud for a living with the printed words right in front of me. No one ever watches me and really… Who would want to?

So I think Josh and I did about 37 takes. I had the hardest time remembering “Signature Property Group” and “the Greek Get Down step show competition”. Josh admittedly gave me the hard stuff… The lovable bastard.

I had those words printed on 3 sheets of paper and posted on the camera, the wall, and a computer right in front of me and out of view. Even with all those notes lying around, I still kept screwing up.

According to Josh, Amanda, and Michael… Radio people are the hardest to work with when it comes to those shoots. I didn’t feel so bad when they told me that Two Guys Named Chris were constantly screwing up.

So look for the Self-Proclaimed Bad Boy of Rock 92 appearing during commercial breaks all this coming week on the WCWG 20. And we’ll see you at the Get Down Town event on September 8th. It’s free and happening in downtown Greensboro near Natty Greene’s.


  1. Eugene, good to see you on Friday at Natty's. Since you seemed to be surrounded by women, perhaps I should wonder down and try to find you on Friday afternoons more often.

  2. j.

    Who do you think you're kidding?

    Didn't I see you surrounded by a posse of women as well?