Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 'Hot Rod'

I happened to be around the station this morning when Chris Demm starting talking about the NASCAR and Robby Gordon situation on this morning’s Two Guys Named Chris Show. I couldn’t help it. The anger over my favorite driver getting shafted by NASCAR caused me to burst into the studio to vent my frustrations out over the air.

If you didn’t see Saturday’s Busch Series race, then you missed one hell of an event. It was the first NASCAR Busch Series race in Montreal and Robby Gordon made it very memorable. I won’t go into details because I know a bunch of you couldn’t care less, but the bottom line is… ROBBY GORDON GOT SCREWED!

And not only did Robby get screwed on Saturday… NASCAR parked his ass for Sunday’s Cup race. NASCAR didn’t appreciate the fact that Robby felt wronged by their “at the moment” decision and decided to run the rest of the race his way.

Again, one of the many reasons I like the guy… He’s a hot head and he will buck the system. It may not have been the wisest thing to do, but he’s sure getting a lot of press. You know what they say… Any press is good press. Here’s a decent article if you choose to read it.

Mark my words… Robby Gordon is the type of driver that when he gets pissed off… He’ll be tough to beat the next race. And considering that the next race in both series is on a road course, I’m predicting a sweep. Robby Gordon will win both the Busch Series race on Saturday and the Cup Series on Sunday. He’s a road course “Ace” AND he’s pissed off… You read it here first.

Now to something that may interest you…

I am TOTALLY into season 3 of Rescue Me! Every time a disc arrives at my home, I try to get to it ASAP. The show just bets better and better while Tommy Gavin (Denis Leary) and his cohorts get more despicable. The show keeps me in stitches.

I don’t know why… But I’m finding that movies on the DVD’s just aren’t doing it for me anymore. I’m thinking about hitting nothing but TV shows for a while. I don’t know… It just seems that my attention span won’t take a flick that runs about 2 hours. The TV shows last about 42 minutes for each episode that comes to some sort of conclusion. I must be going ADD.

I’ve got one more disc to go (arriving tomorrow, I hope) and I’ll be caught up to the current season in its fourth year. I have a few on tape and a bunch on the DVR. I imagine that I will be glued to my TV this Sunday morning trying to get all caught up.

Today’s musical choice is the soundtrack to the film Hot Rod. Upon first inspection of the track listing… I rolled my pretentious eyes when I saw a few songs by Europe on there. Remember them? “The Final Countdown”?

I thought they were EXTREMELY cheesy in the 80’s. When driving home listening to it today, I thought to myself… “Perhaps I was wrong about these guys”… The first song on there was more than tolerable. Hell! I even enjoyed it. I mean, John Norum was a hell of a guitarist and the chops in that tune were awesome. But then I got to the song “Cherokee” and my opinion was once again back in the “hater” category. That song still sucks!

If you’re allergic to hairspray, I suggest you keep away. If not and you enjoy cheese with distorted guitars, then feel free to check it out for yourself RIGHT HERE.


  1. Anonymous9:34 PM

    I don't think it's an ADD thing. It's just that they're making more and more quality TV shows and fewer and fewer quality movies. Right now, the only movie at the top of my queue is Shadow Puppets (with the yummy James Marsters) because the Greensboro Blockbuster stores don't carry it. Below it are season 10 of Stargate SG:1, season 1 of Numbers, Freaks & Geeks, season 1 of The X-Files, and season 2 of Sleeper Cell. Under that I've pushed all the new release movies that I want to see, and I only keep them on my queue so I have a list I can refer to before trading in a DVD at the store.

  2. Anonymous12:35 AM

    Well curses(!), I was going to come here and ask you for the quick rundown of the Robbie situation. I was watching the race and had no idea what was going on while it was happening. Then when I saw he was suspended the next day, I knew you'd be pissed.

    I have been saying TV was better than movies for ages. I got a free rental from the video store a few months back and held onto it for almost two months waiting for something to come out that I would be willing to use a free rental on. That's sad. Free or not,I'm not renting any crap. (I ended up using it on "Zodiac", which actually was good, so that worked out.)

  3. Anonymous6:27 PM

    At least half of my Blockbuster queue is TV shows. I'll be starting Rescue Me as soon as I'm through watching the second Weeds disc. I swear, I'm probably going to buy that series because I love, love LOVE it and my hubby is into it as well. Either that or he just wants to boink Mary-Louise Parker. The new season starts on August 13 and I'm seriously deliberating a subscription to Showtime, since I would really like for my cable bill to top $150 per month.

  4. Anonymous8:52 PM

    I totally could have written about 90% of the comment above mine, except replacing Weeds with Dexter and removing that whole "husband" angle... and I don't have one of those spiffy "movies delivered to the house!" memberships. So, perhaps that takes it down to like 80%.