Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Journey 'Greatest Hits'

Well… I’m tired of watching the cursor on this word processor flash at me. And I’m tired of playing Spider Solitaire. So I’ll go ahead and spill some guts here… It’ll be fun!

Remember that scene from Jaws where they open up a shark to see if it’s the one that’s been eating the residents and vacationers of Amity?

It’ll be like that… Innards will get on your shoes and you’ll get to see that license plate spill out of some intestines.

A friend of mine posed a question to me last night… And I just kind of dismissed it until a few hours ago. The question was… Why do we always want what we can’t have?

I simply told her that it was the human condition. But after the last few hours… I came to a final conclusion about that question. I know that it’s not the answer.

We always want what we can’t have. We try and we strive, but sometimes it just isn’t good enough. We become jaded as we move through life and become pessimistic about a lot of things. But every now and again, that ugly devil called optimism makes an appearance and commits suicide right before your eyes with its 3-prong pitchfork. Blood is spilled, things get all messy, and there’s no one around to clean it up. Pessimism once again sets up shop as the blood congeals and dries.

It’s a cycle, really.

But why do we do it? And why do we continue to do it over and over again? Are we stupid? Are we gluttons for punishment? Do we actually enjoy the ritualized scarring to our very souls?

I got no answers and I got no money for the largest bottle of Jim Beam. Instead I shall seek for answers with another viewing of Leaving Las Vegas or perhaps listening to Lou Reed’s ‘Metal Machine Music’.


  1. We become jaded as we move through life and become pessimistic about a lot of things.

    ain't that the truth, sad as it may be.

  2. Dude - the key is in the middle of side 4 of Metal Machine Music. If you've let the first three sides get you in the right groove, this amazing recipe for hummus reveals itself, and within is the key to tranquility.