Monday, July 02, 2007

Aerosmith 'Devil's Got A New Disguise'

I have been searching my head all day long for something to write about… And I still got nothing.

Should I write about the Chris Benoit (the wrestler that allegedly murdered his family) thing?

I could… The details that keep coming out are getting stranger every day. Tragedy usually brings an interesting story to the table and apparently there’s enough for seconds all around concerning the Benoit case.

I’ve refrained from making any comments until all the facts were out. I mean… Just look at what the WWE has done… They cancelled their live show and broadcasted a three hour tribute to Chris “The Rabid Wolverine” Benoit. A lot the tearful comments from the WWE Superstars touted Benoit as the ultimate family man. I don’t recall too many dry eyes during the portions of the program that I saw that night.

Then the next day, when some facts were being released… The WWE backtracked from the alleged family slayer as if they were running from the flames of Hell. They ditched everything. All the news stories, all the pictures, and they pulled all the Benoit merchandise.

The WWE, in my opinion, did what they had to do to appease the fans. Unfortunately, they ended up putting their size 13 foot into their size 2 mouth.

Personally, I think Benoit was one of the best ever to step into the ring. Even if he were wrestling a scrub (a lesser experienced wrestler destined to lose the match), it was a good match. Benoit always seemed to bring the best out of his opponent no matter who they were. And his matches were always a good show.

He couldn’t work the mic all that well… He did his talking with his ability and desire to give each match his all. The fans knew this and respected him.

Unfortunately… Whatever comes out of this particular wash… His legacy will be tarnished.

But there’s part of me that can’t help but think Vince McMahon and the WWE will somehow make a profit out of this… They have their own film production company and for some reason, I think someone somewhere is working on the script for the made-for-TV movie as everything keeps unfolding. I don’t know why I feel this way and I hope it doesn’t happen. That sort of thing could easily make sports entertainment look even more sleazy.

Sports entertainers tend to die early and tragically. I don’t know what it is about their line of work that takes a lot of them on that path.

All around… It’s sad and to be quite honest, I haven’t been following it too close. I’ve just been preoccupied with some other things and projects.

Anyway… That’s my two cents worth on that subject.


  1. Anonymous10:12 AM

    I've been waiting to hear what you had to say about this.

    The only Benoit I know is the one that was shown regulary on both WCW and WWF/E programming. That is the Benoit I've come to know. I respected the fact he brought his A game every night, putting it all out there for the fans to see. I can truly applaud that, even to this day. However, it was a few moments of true weakness that shall define him for an eternity. Still, he shall remain one of my personal favorites.

    It is a sad tale in what has become commonplace in the wrestling business. All the work and dedication they put in to entertaining me wears them out physically and mentally.

    Somebody somewhere needs to step up and do what they can to keep this from ever happening again. Start evaluating more frequently. Give them more time off. Something.

  2. Anonymous5:20 AM

    I had written a comment on this like 10 hours ago.. and then accidentally closed the tab. So, now that I see a whole new post has popped up, (plus it is 5:20 AKA "bed time) I will try (and probably fail to) keep it short, boss.

    My first point was that I had not mentioned anything since my first pre- "oh, that's what happened?" post, since I was unsure if you were one of those "Benoit who?" people who have, much like the WWE archives, chosen to deny all traces of his existence. It's an awkward subject, so I try not to bring it up unless I know where someone stands. I knew you had heard about it (as you seemed to have called Team Whitley with the news just a few minutes before I did) but you had not said anything... so I didn't either.

    I don't really follow the WW(no)E anymore, and last Monday's was the first one I had watched in well over a year. I probably won't be watching much anymore... all of the guys I like are, for one reason or another, not there anymore. It was a good run while it lasted.

    Secondly, Charles, as always, stole my stance. Get your own thoughts, buddy!

    Thirdly, we need to get someone to keep an eye on my Olympic Hero and TNA Champ. That's the one I have always been kind of worried about. I hope the lighter schedule is giving him the rest we all know he needed.

    So much for "keeping it short", huh? I post more in your comments box than in my own rarely-used blog. That's just wrong.