Saturday, June 02, 2007

Red Radio 'Thoroughly Modern'

Yesterday was the first of the month, and if you’re a regular reader of this here compacted version of my complicated life, then you know what that means… It’s time to put up a new profile picture on my MySpace page!

This month, I used a picture of my 6 year-old nephew Preston. He’s seen wearing his “scarlet letter” t-shirt. He doesn’t really enjoy sporting it. Preston has a hard time listening and following through on what enters his ear holes, so he gets into trouble a lot. Tina, my sister, has tried everything and the shirt has been the most effective method. When he gets into trouble by not-listening, he has to put on the shirt. The picture was snapped by your’s truly on the shirt’s maiden voyage. I think that Preston looks a little “punk” in the shot. I’ve been considering putting it on a t-shirt for myself.

Now to today’s musical choice… It’s from the band Red Radio. They played the Summertime Brewsfest last year and entertained the crowd of beer drinkers. I was the stage manager and from what I saw of those cats, Red Radio were awesome. I was too busy to lend more than a ear, but from what I saw and heard… They knocked my socks off.

Eck, the drummer, is a very talented individual responsible for the “Closest to the Pin” theme song on the 2GNC show. And after last year’s Brewsfest, an impromptu jam broke out with the Buffet tribute guy and Weather Dave.

We were all hot, sweaty, hungry, and waiting to be fed. We were all longing to wash the food down with the leftover beer when we heard someone singing a Buffet tune with Darryl Clark. All eyes turned that direction and the whispering began… Weather Dave was singing! And he wasn’t doing a too bad a job either. That’s when Eck joined them with his harmonica! The impromptu jam ended up being one of the greatest moments of the day. The unexpected is always the best!

But I’m getting off track here…

The new CD from Red Radio is a damn fine release. These cats from High Falls, NC mesh all types of musical styles into one big ol’ can of rock n’ roll goodness. They also have vocal harmonies that rival the Statler Brothers’ finest moments. The songs are witty and infectious. And as proof of that… This is my second day of listening to the CD. Something I rarely do.

Just check out Eck’s and Red Radio’s MySpace pages and see for yourself.

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