Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Marshall Tucker Band 'The Next Adventure'

I haven’t weighed in on the ending to The Sopranos yet. I have been trying to digest the damn thing. Now that it’s down and has completely passed through my system… I have to say that I still don’t care for the ending.

It’s simply not enough! I’ve invested years watching this show and I feel a little betrayed.

To be honest, I was expecting a bloodbath to end everything. The ending they came up with left you to your own beliefs on the fates of our TV mobster family. You can believe either way and as a matter of fact… Like the Journey song used as the outro… You don’t have to stop believing.

When the screen went dark, I thought Tina and Richard’s DirecTV receiver had lost HBO’s signal. Then when the credits rolled, we all looked at each other with mild disgust and adult words of displeasure filled the air. We just… couldn’t… believe it.

I felt like I had taken the loosest girl with the worst reputation to my Senior Prom and she passed out on me before I could get to first base.


Yes… I understand why the show ended the way it did, but I’m not going to file a complaint with HBO like many did across the nation. I’m now going to accept it and move onward.

To be totally honest… After The Sopranos series finale was fully digested, I felt the show’s end was quite artistic. And who knows… Maybe my loose Prom date passing out could’ve been a good thing.

In my opinion, there are three television shows with the greatest endings ever…

#1 Newhart

The brothers Larry, Darryl, and Darryl talk. And it all turned out to be Emily Hartley’s dream when she wakes next to Bob Hartley in their familiar bed on The Bob Newhart Show. I am SO ready for this show to be released on DVD.

#2 Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Great ending, but I don’t wanna tell you how it concludes because there are many of you out there that do not realize how f’ing awesome this show was. I don’t want to spoil it for you. If you choose to do so, you may Google it.

#3 The Mary Tyler Moore Show

The series ends with all the talented staffers being fired from WJM while Ted Baxter (Mr. Inept) retains his job as the news anchorman. The cast is gathered round in a group hug while singing “It’s A Long Way To Tipperary”. Believe me… When I stood next to and stared at Ted Baxter’s (Ted Knight) WJM-TV blazer at the Smithsonian… It was, without a doubt, one of the highlights of my sad existence. Greater than seeing Archie Bunker’s chair. More awesome than getting my peepers on Fonzie’s leather jacket.

Even Malcolm In The Middle had a great ending!

If you believe I’ve overlooked some series endings, by all means, post a comment.

Oh! And did you see the return of The Loop on FOX last Sunday night?

They changed the show a bit, but it was still funny. They got rid of his roommates. The one that he’s secretly in love with along with the dizzy blonde.

It’s fine, but it changes the show’s dynamics. Sam is young. His college thesis landed him a high profile and highly responsible job at an airline company. He struggles with that by day and at night he turns into the an irresponsible young person like his brother and friends.

Frankly… I miss the conflict of his secret love. But again… The Loop is still some damn funny stuff.


  1. Anonymous3:59 AM

    Oh, that Sopranos ending got me too. Even though I was cable free on Sunday and had read the complaints about the ending (or lack thereof), when I watched it on Monday, I still sat there with a look on my face like, "What? No... what?! Seriously..." I do not use any so-called "adult words of displeasure", but a few of them did pass through my confused and displeased brain. Perhaps I should have tempered my viewing with an adult beverage as well. I kid, I kid...

    Luckily, the "Big Love" season premier came on and cleared all that up. As much as I enjoyed "The Sopranos", it was really only my sixth favorite HBO show (after "Oz", "Carnival", "Curb Your Enthusiasm", "Big Love" and "Entourage"), so I will give them their lackluster finale and try to forget that the entire weak sixth season even existed. I say it all fell apart when Furio hightailed it back to Italy. Oh how I missed his insane beatdowns broken English threats!

    Oh, seventh! I forgot "Rome".

    I am now nine episodes into the twelve-episode season of Dexter (wait.. "Six Feet Under"! Oh "Sopranos" falls lower and longer this post gets) and it gets two thumbs up all around. ("The Wire"! It just gets worse for Tony and the boys. Ninth.) Man, if it wasn't such and HBO house, I'd be tempted to pick up Showtime in time for the second season.

  2. Did you ever watch that show called "Sports Night"? It was only on for one or 2 seasons, but holy crap, was that ever an awesome show...It had Felicity Huffman and Peter Krauss among others. I wish that one had never gotten cancelled.

    As for "The Loop" I didn't really think the return was as good as I'd hoped, but I still laughed a lot. I will definitely keep watching it.

  3. Molly,

    I've never seen Sports Night, but I plan on it. It keeps being suggested to me by Netflix.

    Are you the roller derby Molly?

  4. hahaha! yes! i even made it on to a Junior call! I feel so honored! :P

    I'm on your myspace, too, which is (of course) how I found out about your blog!