Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Rolling Stones 'Desert Island Survival Kit'

The Center City Park will be celebrating its Grand Reopening all this week and I will be there with both our stations. Festivities kicks off each day at 11:30am going through 1:30pm and there’s lots of things for everyone to enjoy.

It was a bright and gusty day in downtown Greensboro this past Monday morning. The temperatures weren’t that bad when the wind ceased for a moment or two, but it was generally cold and that kept a lot of folks from turning out.

What made matters worse? The new high rise condominiums are under construction across the street from the park. The wind was ripping through that building and spreading debris all over the damn place. I was concerned for myself and all the others in attendance. The debris appeared to only be forms of tar paper and other types of pliable materials that ordinarily wouldn’t harm anyone. But you never know.

I watched one big piece float on the wind across the park and hit a glass window on the Greensboro Cultural Museum. I fully expected the glass to shatter, but to my dismay, it didn’t.

I talked to WFMY News 2’s Leigh Brock about my irrational fear and possible news story about the crane across the street. I had a feeling that it could be blown down and fall on top of everyone in the park. I kept a watchful eye on that thing for about 2 hours.

Once I got the Rock 92 van parked in its place, I headed for a place warm and inviting for lunch… Fincastle’s Diner. There I saw a familiar face one seat over at the lunch counter from me. I was unsure about approaching the dude because I wasn’t sure it was him. My curiosity got the best of me and I asked the gentleman, “Are you David Hoggard?”

It turned out to be him and I introduced myself.

Mr. Hoggard also has an award winning blog called Hogg’s Blog. He also writes occasional editorial commentaries for the Greensboro News & Record. His words actually carry weight.

I admitted that I felt that my blog, which topped his for Best Blog in the Triad by the readers of GoTriad Magazine last year, was a little light comparatively speaking. Hoggard actually writes about things that matter to the citizens of Greensboro.

My blog?

You’ll find entries about my impending foot fetish, Drew Barrymore look-alikes that dis me, and television shows. Nothing major. Nothing that really matters. I feel like it’s entertaining and sometimes… Ahem… funny. I tend to steer clear of weighty issues because I generally don’t know what I’m talking about.

He was very cool and friendly. So if Greensboro politics and social issues are a concern of your’s… Check out Hogg’s Blog.

Over the weekend, I learned that Dianna’s son Dylan had purchased a pair of the ugliest shoes that I had ever seen. Take a good long look…

I had to ask if they were bowling shoes and why he would spend good dinero on such things.

He wanted something that no one else in school had to be different. Hell… I can’t argue with that. After all, I once owned a pair of camouflage Converse Chuck Taylors. Dylan’s shoes looked like a pair of “Keds Rip Taylor’s”. In my mind... It’s way too flamboyant for me to even consider wearing.

To each their own, I guess.


  1. Anonymous7:45 AM

    Sorry I missed this post earlier.

    It was a pleasure seeing you and finally getting to congratulate you personally on your "award winning" blog.


  2. Glad you dropped by, Hoggard!