Thursday, April 26, 2007

Raven 'Life's A Bitch'

It seems that seeing the “Rowdy Frynds” tour is a bust. Yes, I know that it’s not really Lynyrd Skynyrd… I’ve been hearing that since I mentioned going to the show. Although I have never seen Skynyrd in concert… Ever… And I’ve seen .38 Special a few times… I was most interested in seeing Hank Williams Jr.

During Hank Jr.’s heyday… I didn’t care for him. I thought the music pretty much catered to the lowest common denominator. But then again, I was a music snob in those days. But during the course of time and history, I have developed an appreciation for Hank Jr.’s music. In other words, I have loosened my uptights.

I didn’t care about going to the show until my friend and ex-girlfriend Allyson asked me if I could score a pair of tix for us to go to the show. I told her that I would do what I could and that wasn’t good enough.

I was going to visit her in Durham with a Pieworks Cheeseworks pizza in my hands… She loves those damn things! Oh, and lets not forget the breadsticks with the Ed Marinara sauce and garlic butter. A must have in her book.

Then we were planning on getting rip-roaring drunk and having someone drop us off at the show. I was planning to spend the night ogling badly made up women in tight jeans with nicotine stains on their fingers.

But Allyson came up with a wonderful backup plan that looks like it’s going into effect since I can’t score any tickets… We’re going to see a stage production of Talk Radio.

Yeah! How cool is that?

Talk Radio is one of my favorite films. It’s a loosely based on talk show host Alan Berg who was murdered in 1984 by a few white supremacists who didn’t agree with his opinions. If you’re in the radio business… The film is kind of like a study book placed just under the Radio Bible.

I am looking SO forward to seeing it. I haven’t been to a play in years!

On my friend Christine’s suggestion… I have been watching season one of The West Wing. It’s a political drama based in the White House surrounding the President and his staff. And as far as I can tell… It is indeed political and features the actors constantly walking and talking at the same time.

I’ve been tempted in timing the scenes where walking occurs to see the average amount of time with bipeds in fully mobile action. Out of the average 42 minutes of a show… I’m sure half of the each episode are scenes of talking and walking. If scenes of walking and talking were porn… This show would be hardcore triple X material.

At first, the show wasn’t grabbing me, but I hung on and I’ve gotten sucked in. If the show is a true depiction of White House activities… No one really sits on their asses. It’s all about T&W… T&W… T&W.

Good Lord, they’re wearing me out.

Christine also told me that there’s no reason to follow the show past the 3rd season. She said that the show’s creator and main writer was fired and the show just went nowhere after that.

I fully trust her opinion. She’s never led me astray.

And BTW... If you're a fan of The Darkness... Then you should check out Raven, my musical choice of the day.

Raven was a band that didn't quite make it. They were loud and sometimes as violent as 3 Irish boys could be. The drummer once broke his arm onstage during a show when he was pushing down amplifiers.

Now that folks.... Is Rock n' Roll!

I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone that likes hard rock.

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