Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 'Falling From Grace'

After my long work day, I wanted to get a drink with a friend and shoot a little fecal matter. Instead, I went home and did something that I have been looking forward to… Laundry.

Yeah… I’ve been looking forward to doing a load of laundry. I’ve been dying to try out THIS new product.

I have always loved the smell of Tide and recently have been washing my clothes in cold water to save a little energy. And not to mention the wear n’ tear on my clothes.

Itching to do a load of laundry… Is that crazy? Is it considered “manly”?

I pride myself on good laundry, except for the wrinkles. I don’t really care about fixing those little buggers as much as getting a load good n’ clean.

Last summer, I house-sat for Kristina while she walked all over Europe for a month. When she got back, she asked me how I got her towels so soft.

I know the answer, but I haven’t bothered to tell her. A person that takes great pride in laundry shouldn’t give away their secrets. Right? Besides… If I were to tell her, she wouldn’t respect me anymore.

I know this is a short and weak update… There’s a lot going on for the next two weeks when it comes to Rock 92 / 1075KZL promotions. We’ve got the Daughtry show happening Friday night across from Natty Greene’s and it’s free by the way. And then on March 31st, we’ve got the Easter Egg Festival happening at the Piedmont Triad Farmer’s Market. It’s free too!

I will try to update as best as possible. Just check back every so often to see if I’ve squeezed out a “hush puppy” or something.

Thank you.


  1. Anonymous8:23 PM

    You like doing laundry?!?!?

    Tell me again why you're not married?

    I hate, loathe and abhor doing the laundry.

  2. Anonymous1:13 AM

    I've done my own laundry for at least 27 years, maybe more. Time flies when you're having fun. And medicated.

  3. Anonymous10:21 AM

    Thanks for letting your sister know that you can do laundry. Now she would like to know why I can't seem to at least put mine in the hamper. I owe you one.


  4. Yes Bebo, I like doing laundry. I'm probably not married because I can't be tolerated for long periods of time. I will sometimes laugh out loud for seemingly no reason. It's just the thoughts in my head that cause me to do so. That tends to put people on edge.

    There are many other reasons.... Like when I get an idea, I tend to run with it no matter what's going on or the time of day.

    Bebo... Women only want me for the sex and then they just toss me away.

  5. Kevin... If you screw up your laundry, there's only one person to blame.

  6. Anonymous5:21 PM

    Well, Eugene, staying single is much better than bitterly divorced.

    Laughing out loud for no reason whatsoever freaks out people who you date? Dude, you need to date some different people who aren't so uptight.

    Just remember to wear your jimmy hat if you're having throwaway sex...