Thursday, February 22, 2007

Shuffle feature on the 6-CD changer, baby!

I start off this entry with a plea for a Shaman or Priest. As it seems to me right now, I’ve been hexed or some bad spirits are following me around.

My Ranger Roxy lost her engine while I was at the wheel last Thursday night. I had to borrow a truck from someone in order to get around until Roxy was repaired. While driving it this past Tuesday evening, the brakes went kaput. I put my foot on the brake and the pedal went almost to the floorboard. Luckily, I wasn’t any place where I could have caused harm to myself or others. I managed to coax her home. The next day I found out that it was a miracle that I got her home and even more miraculous that I got her to stop. She was completely out of brake fluid because a brake line ruptured.

Yesterday, my father took me to Ciener-Woods in my sister’s Taurus wagon in order to pick up a loaner vehicle. Today, my father informed me that the water pump decided to call it quits on the Taurus.

Is it merely coincidence? Is it bad luck? Is Mercury in retrograde?

I’ve heard for most of my life that when Mercury is in retrograde, mechanical and electronic devices fail and break down.

On the off chance that I have bad spirits or a hex placed upon me, I’ve decided to sale my services to anyone wishing bad luck on someone’s vehicle. For a small fee, I will meet you at the offending party’s car in a public parking lot and place my hands upon their vehicle. Within a week, you will see results or your money back.

If my services are requested outside of Guilford County, transportation arrangements and costs must be negotiated up front.

Interested parties should contact me at…

Tuesday evening, I did the unthinkable. I watched 2 full hours of American Idol. Kristina managed to talk me into watching it with her and I must say that the show wasn’t as bad as I had expected.

American Idol is in its sixth season now and I’ve managed to see only 2 hours and 4 minutes of it within that time period. I’ve never understood why the general population insists on watching glorified karaoke singers, hearing Randy Jackson say the word “dawg” every 4.2 minutes, listening and watching a surprisingly coherent Paula Abdul stumble through the show, and listening to Simon’s vicious put downs.

Again, I found the show somewhat entertaining, but I wouldn’t seek it out on my own.

When Kristina called me last night, she asked, “What are you doing?”

I told her that I was preparing dinner (grilled chicken) and she asked why I wasn’t watching American Idol.

Unless I’m watching it with someone, I see no reason to watch it. You may consider my love for many shows as wasted time, but I see no difference when someone spends 7 hours this week watching American Idol. To me, the show is a waste of time. And once again, it’s one of those shows that will not pass my “TV Land” theory…

If you can’t see yourself watching reruns of a show repeatedly or tuning in to watch it on TV Land in 30 years, why are you wasting your time watching it now?

Sure, it was great fun watching it with Kristina because she allowed me to make a few snide remarks until she gave me a look of disapproval or silently threatened me with a blunt object held up in the air. I’m just not going to watch it on my own. It offers me nothing when there’s no threat to my safety. I’d rather kick back with some shows that I have on tape (yes, I have no DVR) or a DVD from Netflix.

As for the musical choice of the day (title of each blog entry), the 2007 Ford Explorer Sport Trac has a 6-CD changer and I’m going to enjoy the shuffle feature. Those musical choices are…

Martha Velez ‘Angels Of The Future/Past’

Tim Wilson ‘I Should’ve Married My Father-in-Law’

AC/DC ‘Razor’s Edge’

Aerosmith ‘Toys In The Attic’

Hoyt Axton ‘American Originals’

Badfinger ‘Magic Christian Music By Badfinger’


  1. Your choice of Hoyt Axton's "American Originals" was a good one. Some of the songs such as Epistle,are hard to find and can't be matched.

  2. Anonymous5:44 PM

    Will you come to my office and touch a certain person's car, and desk? Because if the jinx could be extended to get someone fired, well that would be worth food and copious amounts of alcamaholic beverages. Oh yes, yes it would.

  3. Anonymous11:51 PM

    You sir, are a can you rightfully admit that A.I. is a waste of time, then turn around and, at the request of a woman, watch it and make snide remarks?...where is the manliness in that?...there is none....stick to TV Land sir....

    Also, with Mercury being in retrograde, I see a loss coming your way in the fantasy pool this week, courtesy of me....blame the planets on this one....

  4. Bebo,

    It's a deal. You got my digits.

  5. Yes Mike, the Hoyt Axton is awesome. That collection is now out of print and that's sad. Hoyt Axton wrote the song "The Pusher" that was made famous by Steppenwolf. In my humble opinion, Axton's is the best version.

  6. Charles... That's some strong words my friend. I think the reason why you haven't been to certain events lately is because of a woman. Look in the mirror before pointing that hypocritical finger. :)

    As for the pool... Big talk leads to big falls. I sincerely hope you keep your balance.

  7. Anonymous6:15 PM

    Eugene, First of all Kevin thinks that 6 Aerosmith cds would have been better, and he seems to have missed the part where you mention that you favorite brother-in-law was keeping an eye on Roxy on the Ceiner-Woods car lot every day on his way to and from work. (haha) He noticed yesterday that Roxy was no longer in sight on the lot, so that must mean that she is in the shop getting a new engine. Enjoy the temp ride!!

  8. Anonymous1:24 AM

    First off, my Word Verification says "Ohhjon".. that's like real words right there.

    Secondly, Oh snap! Somebody sure told somebody else two comments above this one! All I can say is, back when I read the original comment I had to read it again because I was like, "There was NO way he just said that, because that is surely the biggest case of Pot, Kettle, Black I have seen in a long time!"

    Thirdly, this week marks the start of my Fantasy League comeback, I can feel it!