Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Non-Conformist Cult Radio Show 2/7/04 - 2/14/04

Today I settled down in front of my television for last week’s episode of Veronica Mars. The series is top notch despite the few problems only diehard fans will notice.

One of the characters, Sheriff Lamb, was the constant thorn in Veronica and Keith (her dad) Mars’ sides. Sheriff Lamb was an elected official that didn’t really know the intricacies of his elected job. He didn’t listen to anyone else’s point of view and he was quick with a judgment. If he were wrong, rarely did he backtrack and correct the situation.

And that’s some of the many reasons I liked his character. He was the good guy that you loved to hate. And they killed him off the show!

Sheriff Lamb was popped in the head by Richard Greco’s baseball bat and his last words spoken on camera… “I smell bread.”

Was that a funny line? True that. But why did they have to kill him off the show?

If anyone connected with the Veronica Mars show is reading this… Please leave Dick Casablancas alone and alive. For some reason, I find his comic relief refreshing. And over time, I feel that Dick will show his true side. Right now, he’s portrayed as a college student whose only pursuits are alcohol, the perfect wave, and tail. But I have a feeling that it’s all a house of cards ready to fall. Dick Casablancas will be revealed as a deep thinker that puts on a front.

At least, that’s my hope anyway.

The other day, I noticed something strange in my rearview mirror as I was driving around town. There was a young woman driving very close to my back bumper. When the car beside me started getting a little ahead of me, she whipped her “Me-So-Bitchy” Eclipse over behind it. When I got past the car again, “Me-So-Bitchy” whipped her car back over behind me. Yes, it annoyed me. I wasn’t doing anything on purpose to try and irritate her. The right lane simply had people making right turns and that is why she couldn’t get around me.

But what I found most interesting was her choice of food while driving… It was the first time that I had ever seen anyone eat a corndog behind the wheel. The corndog really wouldn’t be my first choice for on-the-go consumption. But it does possess some interesting qualities for vehicular ingestion. First of all, it’s on a stick and there are many places on the dash and between the seats where you can put a corndog when you need both hands. Secondly, unless you’re dipping your corndog in mustard or ketchup, I personally mix the two, there’s no mess. And lastly, corndogs are GREAT!

Cross town corndogs… I may have to give them a try someday.


  1. Anonymous10:48 PM

    "Cross town corndogs"

    Prison band name.

  2. That made me laugh my ass off, Anon.