Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Judas Priest 'Unleashed In The East'

Okay… I have a dilemma. I’m asking for your assistance and I need answers by tomorrow afternoon.

A friend of mine recently, and against her better judgment, went to see the film Dreamgirls. She loved it!

The songs are, for the most part, stand-alone. They don’t perpetuate the dialogue… Until two songs do just that.

That is the main reason I HATE MUSICALS! I don’t want songs perpetuating the dialogue between characters. Honestly, when was the last time you broke out into song to express yourself to someone else or a group of people?

It just doesn’t happen in everyday life unless you spend most of your time in a straightjacket and padded room.

During Dreamgirls my friend told me about 2 songs that DID perpetuate dialogue among the characters. Her first thought… “Eugene would hate this.”

And for some reason, she wants me to see Dreamgirls. She told me that she didn’t really want to see it, but after she got through the first 45-mintues her mind had been changed.

I’ve been told to research this film to see if I truly want to see it. She seems to think that if I give it a chance, I may just like it.

I’m on the fence folks and I need your help. If you’ve seen it, leave a comment or do what everyone seems to do instead, send me an email.

She’s always had solid recommendations, but I’m just not feeling good about seeing Dreamgirls. I don’t want to piss her off if I’m not feeling the same thing about the flick.

Sorry about the shortness of this update. It’s been a little difficult finding the time to write and watch my Netflix stuff. I have Black Dahlia, Flyboys, The Guardian, and a Law & Order disc from season one.

It may have taken me almost 20 years, but I’m finally getting on board with Law & Order.


  1. Anonymous11:07 PM

    Go and see it. Hell, you sat through Happy Feet. It can't be worse.

    I haven't seen it yet, but desperately want to. I am going to try and go to a matinee on one of my short days at work.

    Hmmmmm, maybe I'll go tomorrow afternoon if I can find a 1:30 pm showing.

  2. Anonymous11:29 PM

    I'd say wait until the hype goes down and see it on dvd. at least that way you can get it from netflix and not have to worry about paying 8 bucks for something you might not like. and why are you so late getting on the L&O bandwagon?

  3. You're right, Bebo. I did manage to sit through Happy Feet and that was horrendous.

    Unfortunately, I won't be able to make the flick today. Some things have come up and I had to back out.

  4. Tina,

    When Law & Order originally hit the airwaves, I was working night hours during the week. I missed a lot of things during those years, including one of my favorites, the X-Files. It spent some time on Friday evenings before moving to Sunday.

    The other reason I didn't watch was because I'm all about seeing them in order. I don't like jumping in mid-stream. Then there got to be so many different Law & Order's, I just gave up.

  5. Anonymous5:54 AM

    But Original Recipe "Law and Order" is not one of those "have to watch them in order" shows, is it? (I prefer SVU... the cast is much more stable, unlike the "What? Another new cop/ADA" of OR:L&O) I watch, then I give up, then I jump back in again when it looks interesting. Of course now they are all "ripped from the headlines!" so I spend a lot of the show going "Oh! Ann Coulter's going down!" (last week) or "Man, Tedd Haggard should not have done that!" (this week). I guess headlines are cheaper than actual story writers.

    With so much cast turnover, it's like a new show every few months. Just as long as you don't get your kinda-blah Ben Stone mixed up with your far superior Jack McCoy, you should be all good.

  6. No Kim, the original Law & Order isn't one of those shows where order is a great concern. Hell, I notice that during the seventh episode the detectives met the black assistant DA for the first time. In all the other shows, they were all chummy as if they had known each other for years.

    It kinda throw me a bit that they wouldn't air them in order.

    Seeing them season by season and one at a time is a sickness with me. I've accepted it.