Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Wagoneers 'Stout And High'

I woke up this morning and part of my lip was fat. Yeah, you read that right, my lip was fat. My upper lip between the middle and corner is a little bigger and sore. It’s as if I had been punched in the mouth. It’s swollen just a little and it’s tender, but the skin hasn’t been broken.

I can’t understand it. I wasn’t punched in the mouth. I haven’t bumped into anything, but my lip is swollen and it feels like somehow I got on the receiving end of someone’s fist.

I’ve squeezed it between my thumb and forefinger, but there’s nothing like a knot inside. It’s simply swollen. So I’m thinking that I must have somehow bit my lip in my sleep.

It’s all too weird, even for me.

My friend Christine and I are totally into the CW show Supernatural. But I must admit that she’s a little more into it than I am. I like it and I gave the first season 4 out of 5 stars on Netflix, but there are some minor things about the show that I don’t really like. I can’t quite put my finger on the points that bother me though.

If you’re a fan of the X-Files, then you should be watching Supernatural. It follows the same sort of subjects and the soundtrack is, for a lack of a better term (one that I never use), killer.

I was watching an episode from last year where Sam and Dean were motoring down the road in their black Impala hot rod with squeaky doors jamming on a song that I knew, but couldn’t come up with the title or artist. I kept rewinding and rewinding and realized it was a tune by UFO called “Rock Bottom”. A song that should be a staple on classic rock radio and yet it isn’t. Plus, they used a Cheap Trick song too!

Christine told me last Friday that the CW network is considering pulling the plug on Supernatural. In my opinion, the only other good shows on that network are Everybody Hates Chris and Veronica Mars.

How can they possibly think of ditching Supernatural while pumping more and more brain dead episodes of Reba over the airwaves?

Granted, Supernatural is in a bad time slot. For some reason last year, someone yanked it from Tuesdays and put it on Thursdays. In my opinion, that was a bad move. Now the competition they face are Grey’s Anatomy (a damn fine show), Scrubs, The Office (why do folks find it funny?) and I think CSI: Milwaukee.

Supernatural really brings nothing new to the table, but its good television and its fun.

Season two brought a new cast member that I enjoy seeing… Ellen, the gruff bartender that has an unknown history or connection to Sam and Dean’s father. Ellen is tough as nails, a little on the chunky side, an ass-kicker, and to me… Sexy as hell.

So if this show bites the dust, I won’t be happy.

Do your part to continue my happiness… Rent season one of Supernatural and start watching it on Thursday nights. If you’re a Grey’s Anatomy junkie, then by all means, start up with Supernatural when your fave goes into reruns.

You won’t be sorry and you’ll make Christine happy as well. It’s a two-for-one kind of deal that will make you feel warm and gooey inside.


  1. Anonymous9:15 PM

    'Reba' has come to the end of its run. The series finale airs sometime in February. (I've never watched this show, I just read this somewhere last week.)

    As for 'Supernatural' - the Winchester brothers and I thank you for the plug, E.

  2. Anonymous2:32 AM

    Things I mark out for: Hilarious mystery lip injuries. Hating on the CW. Insulting CSI by insinuating that there is a version for every city on the globe. (My mom watches that crap. I usually go with CSI: Burlington or CSI:Brown Summit, sometimes CSI:Lincoln Street)

    Things I do NOT mark out for: Praising Grey's Anatomy. (Tina watches that trash too. Can you guess what oh-so-witty name I use for it? Hint: It rhymes with the actual name of the show.) Hating on The Office! (People find it funny because it IS funny!)And also, Puff Daddy, HHH and Vin Diesel.

    Also,what happened to this smoking ban that was all in the papers a week or so ago? I was in a club downtown (don't ask) and I might as well have lit up a pack myself for all of the smoke I inhaled. Oooh, stinky smoke and burning eyes, yeah that's a good time! I don't understand the appeal. Do smokers not think that stinks? Do their eyes not burn? Plus, today I had to wash all of my clothes and my hair! What a nusiance.

  3. Christine,

    I have finally caught up with Supernatural and I must admit that the "Nightshifter" episode was pretty gosh-darn good. And it was fun seeing the Winchester boys playing the role as not-so-hetero antique dealers, but that "little girl ghost" episode was so-so.

    It will be a sad day when those mo-rons at CW pull the plug on Supernatural.

    As for Reba... They're just tossing out season after season of that crap on DVD. As if folks are buying it. Meanwhile, I'm stuck hoping and praying for season 4 of Green Acres and season 2 of Malcolm In The Middle.

  4. Kim,

    Were you at the N Club?

    I haven't heard anything about a smoking ban and I get the Greensboro News & Record everyday.

    Personally, I don't mind smokers. I don't smoke and yet the smoke in my hair and clothes don't bother me. I've noticed in my 25 plus years of going to rock n' roll clubs that smokers generally outnumber the nons. I accepted it, but then again, I've never been a anti-smoker nazi.

    If you're around me, smoke 'em if you got 'em. I don't mind and chances are I'll have a light for ya too!

  5. Anonymous5:45 PM

    No, we were at some place called Inferno I think.. some abomination in the basement of the Kress building.

    The smoking article was in the paper like a week or so ago and talked about the 30th anniversary of smoking bans and how all of these places have made it so you can hardly smoke indoors anywhere. It was called "Advocates Strive for a Smoke-Free U.S"

  6. The Inferno, huh?

    I haven't been there yet. Then again, dance clubs aren't my thing. I prefer the live rock clubs where I can sit at the bar and be the former, pretentious concert reviewer for the Greensboro News & Record.