Wednesday, January 31, 2007

'This may be too "John Travolta" for you' A mix tape by John (?) a former Peaches Music & Video employee

I just watched the first 22 minutes of the Miami Vice movie and I wasn’t impressed. I was losing interest faster than a gay man at Hooters. It had no real plot developing that I could see that Ferrel was drifting in and out of his Irish accent. The flick wasn’t rocking my world and I saw no reason to watch any more of it, so I kicked it out of my DVD player, put it back into its envelope, and stuck it in the mailbox.

The Miami Vice movie only gets 1 out of 5 stars.

For the record, I have never seen an episode of the Miami Vice television series. It never held any allure for me. As a teenager, I was generally out and about on Friday nights. And if I weren’t out carousing, I was generally watching Falcon Crest.

Yeah… That’s right. I was watching Falcon Crest. The show was endless fun for me. I would make little sarcastic comments like the guys on Mystery Science Theatre 3000 until my mother would physically remove me from the room. Falcon Crest was terrible and at times, laughable. I loved it!

Now… I wouldn’t even bother with the show.

Dear readers… Should I keep the Miami Vice series on my Netflix queue? Was it really a good show?

Feel free to give me your feedback with the comments feature.

Weather Dave talked me into putting it on my queue in the first place, but I don’t know. After seeing the first 22 minutes of the feature film, I’m not sure I want to waste valuable time watching crap.

And speaking of crap… I’ve always been a fan of professional wrestling and have faithfully watched it for most of my life. There was a time in the 80’s where I stopped watching for about 2 years. The WWE (WWF at the time) was way too cartoonish and the WCW went bloodless.

The WWE had wrestlers like the Ultimate Warrior, The Gobbldy Gooker, Dr. Isaac Yankem (a dentist), The Goon (a fighting hockey player),and of course, Hulk Hogan. Those performers made me cringe. They were ruining professional wrestling and traipsing all its history.

After the initial AIDS scare, bleeding was pretty much non-existent in wrestling. The WCW even fired Dustin Rhodes when he got bloodied as an accident during a PPV match. And if they’re not bleeding on occasion, then I’m not watching.

I went about 2 years not watching any wrestling because it had become boring and it was aimed directly at children. It was no longer the politically-incorrect adult male soap opera. Professional wrestling had become a pre-adolescent marketing tool to sell just about anything with a performer’s name on it.

Last night I realized that those same feelings are coming back. I’m getting bored with the current state of professional wrestling. I haven’t watched Smackdown in well over a year thanks to King Booker, The Undertaker, and Ray Mysterio. I’m getting tired of John Cena, Umaga, Degeneration X, and most of the WWE Divas. There just aren’t any personalities that motivate me anymore. I have longed enjoyed Carlito Caribbean Cool, but his character is more or less a face (good guy) now. Dare I say this, but… That’s not cool.

As for the ECW, I am COMPLETELY bored with that brand of wrestling. In the last four weeks, they’ve had Test take on the current and boring ECW Champion, Bobby Lashley in as many times.

How many times must we see this match up?

I’m tired of seeing Rob Van Dam wrestle Hardcore Holly too!

I miss the old days with the Dudley Boys, Bill Alfonso, Joel “the quintessential stud muffin” Gertner, and lots and lots of blood.

I am actually thinking of giving up professional wrestling once again and yet, I don’t want to. I keep hoping for something to come along and save it.

To quote former wrestler Ron Simmons… “DAMN!”

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  1. Anonymous1:55 PM

    The Miami Vice series is a whole different animal from the film version (based on reviews--I haven't seen the film at this writing). You should keep it in your Netflix queue because it will probably be entertaining. Maybe for the wrong reasons, but entertaining nonetheless.

  2. All right! I've gotten about a dozen emails (why no one uses the comments, I'll never know) to keep it on my queue.

    Weather Dave says the movie IS crap and insists that I keep it on my queue.

  3. Anonymous7:43 PM

    Your readers are shy.

  4. I saw Miami Vice in the 80's. It's very good. Cars, sex, drugs and rock. I can't leave out the cool pastel from that era.
    Keep the gueue. It'll be fun!

  5. Anonymous1:57 AM

    Curses! I had a whole comment written about Miami Vice and wrestling and then clicked to read some other comments and lost it! I am so used to opening them in a new tab that I forgot they open in this lil' box by default. Maybe I will try again tomorrow, for now I am sleepy.

  6. Anonymous9:21 AM

    I have yet to see the Miami Vice movie, but all I can remember about the TV show was loud colored clothes, big hair, cool cars, Don Johnson's pet alligator, and that kick-ass theme song.

    Also, wrestling has gone the way of sour milk. iIt starts off good, but gets bad relly quickly.

    Speaking of wretsling E, I dare you to add The Marine to your Netflix catalog.

  7. Mr. C Style,

    I have had The Marine on my queue since it hit theaters. It's currently on "long wait".

    Crockett had a pet alligator???

    This is a selling point??????