Monday, December 11, 2006

Jimi Hendrix ‘Smash Hits’

Why don’t they have a “Breakfast Burger”?

You know, a hamburger biscuit, but a little smaller. You can get them with cheese, ketchup, mayonnaise, or whatever you normally eat on a burger except instead of a bun; it’s on a biscuit. I’ve even experimented with putting fried eggs on burgers. And believe you me it’s damn good!

I think the time has come for a burger biscuit with a side of hash rounds.

And since I’m talking about burgers, I experimented a little yesterday afternoon at the Outback Steakhouse over by the Four Seasons Mall. I ordered a burger with Swiss cheese, bacon, and for the first time in my life… Mushrooms. I didn’t really notice the mushrooms, but I was swallowing those things like frat boys sucking down goldfish. I couldn’t finish the whole thing and I’m planning on finishing the job for Monday’s lunch.

Over the weekend, I watched An Inconvenient Truth from Netflix. It’s a documentary about Al Gore’s passionate campaign to educate the citizens of all countries in order to stop Global Warming.

Some of the things I saw were a little shocking. Although I’m not that surprised by most of the things mentioned in the film. I wasn’t surprised to hear that the United States is the one of the two countries that refuses to change. We’re indifferent and for the most part, we drive around in big gas-suckers that fill the air with Greenhouse gases while flaunting our indifference. Our destiny is being controlled by a handful of people that are perfectly fine with the status quo. They don’t want to change the infrastructure. They even go to great trouble to create doubt despite the warnings from scientists around the world.

Yeah… An Inconvenient Truth is a documentary, but it’s far from boring. And it’s making me think about what I can do about making changes. Even before seeing the DVD, I’ve been thinking about getting a hybrid car.

This past summer, a friend of the station was driving by Rice Toyota when we were having a remote there. He pulled in to say “hello” and I asked him why he was riding a bike so far away from his home.

I mean, considering the traffic along Battleground Avenue and downtown, it seemed to me to be a little dangerous and time-consuming.

Normally, it takes me about 20 minutes to get to work from the northwest side of Greensboro. It usually takes him 30 minutes to get from Rice Toyota to his home in downtown Greensboro and he times out the lights where he hits each one green. Amazing!

I was intrigued, but I’m lazy. I would have to get a bicycle. I would have to pedal the thing and I would easily blow it off on a hot day.

I’m thinking that it’s time for me to change. I’m thinking about getting a bus schedule and start using mass transit like Ed Begley, Jr. I’m thinking about getting myself a good bicycle or walking for the short trips to the store.

According to the dire predictions from scientists, the world, as we know it will drastically change in the next fifty years. The things we enjoy at this very time in history will not be here for our children.

Personally… Screw the children! I plan on still being here in 50 years!


  1. Anonymous6:05 AM

    Just an FYI...

    There is a restaurant on New Garden called, I think, Red Robin. They already have a burger with a fried egg on it.

    And you are right. Egg on a burger is awesome.


  2. Anonymous9:18 PM

    Even better - chili, cheese and fried egg on a burger. Tex & Shirley's (at Friendly Center) serves one like that, open-faced on Texas Toast. Mmmmmm.....

  3. Anonymous9:04 AM

    Good for you for trying to think a little more about the world around you. A little bit more awareness and a little bit less 'American'. Sad how the people who left other comments felt implored to comment on the shallow, meaningless part of your blog rather than the important, life-sustaining part. Just goes to show the mind-set of most of our country. And even sadder? They are the ones having children...
    You may want to delete this comment, since it is pretty insulting to your friends.

  4. Anonymous3:46 PM

    I like to say that my lack of a drivers license is not so much about slackness, but more about helping reduce ozone emissions. I'm just doing my part, one "Hey, can I get a ride?" at a time. Besides, you see some interesting characters on the bus.. very interesting, indeed.

    Also, I wonder if that was the same "anonymous" from Dr. Wharton's Wal-Mart post. Same "name," same righteous indignation.

    In closing, eggs on burgers? That's just gross.

  5. The Red Robin is on my list of things to visit before I die. Thank you, "J".

  6. You know Christine... I've lived in GSO for over 40 years now and I've never been to Tex & Shirley's. And I know what you're thinking...

    "That's just wrong!"

  7. Anon,

    It's cool. You're comments are welcome.

    And thank you for the shallow and meaningless comment too. I'm trying to do what I can not only for the enviroment, but also exchanging ideas and thoughts about meaningless crap.

    It is my destiny.

  8. Anonymous8:09 PM

    Hey! What about me?

  9. Sorry about that Chief...

    Kim, eggs on burgers are not gross. They are delicious. Any self-respecting Busch fan would know that.

  10. Anonymous2:19 AM

    Busch beer, maybe. Eggs on burgers would undoubtedly lead to something that has grossed me out my entire life... ketchup on eggs. Yuck!

  11. Ketchup on scrambled eggs does indeed ROCK!