Monday, November 20, 2006

Able To Fly 'All The Way'

This past weekend, I probably put away more alcohol than a bar full of Catholic Priests. I drank so much Friday night that I forgot things that happened and I woke up slightly drunk on Saturday morning.

I normally don’t divulge my birth date, but as I’ve been told many times over the weekend, this one is a milestone. I hit 40 last Friday, November 17th.

I’ve never really been into celebrating my own birthday. I tend to let it pass by without being noticed. I don’t like surprises and I don’t want a “big deal” being made in my honor. I don’t want the attention.

I’ve always noticed certain types of people that get super-obnoxious on their birthdays. Some wear buttons proclaiming the day that they born. Others feel as if everything should revolve around them when they click off another mile on life’s odometer. I have never wanted to be one of those types. I generally don’t advertise my birth date and even when asked, I will try to wiggle free from the question.

Since this was my 40th, my friend Kristina would not let it pass by quietly. She left me a voicemail after we went to see Saw III the weekend before. She said… “On your birthday, I’m taking you out… Wherever you want to go… It’s cool with me… Whatever, it doesn’t matter. You want to go to Celebration Station or Grand Prix Greensboro. It’s your day. I cannot judge you and I cannot pick on you. I can’t even mention it. That’s the rule.”

Kristina knows how big of a race fan that I am and she doesn’t understand it, but she was more than willing to hit the go-carts on my birthday.

After thinking about it, I decided to embrace whatever she wanted to do. I asked if it was cool if I extended an invitation to friends to join us if they so chose. She was cool with that.

I love to play NTN Trivia wherever I find it. So I told Kristina that I wanted to hit JP Looney’s on Spring Garden and Holden. I emailed a bunch of folks to let them know that we’d be hanging out drinking and playing NTN Trivia. I couldn’t afford to fork over money for everyone, so I let them know that they’d be springing for their own food and drinks. I wanted no gifts or cards, I just wanted them to come and hang out. And I was very surprised with the turn out.

So Kristina, Martha, Kim, Kathy, Wanda, Hinzy, Marcia, Weather Dave, Tim, Danny, Amanda, Coup Delicious, Rachel, Michele, Joe, Megan, Will Bastard, Patrick, Tracie, Doug McKnight, and Dianna… I thank you all. You made me feel special and I appreciate you coming out and putting up with my drunken ass. And if I forgot anyone, I apologize. There were things that happened that night that I don’t really remember. And from eyewitness accounts, there were things that happened that I DON'T want to remember.

And even though I can’t remember some things, I won’t forget how good a time I had this past weekend. My 40th birthday was the best and I thank any and everyone that made my weekend the most awesome one ever.

If 40 is this good… 50 is going to be even better!

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  1. Anonymous1:04 AM

    Please tell me the paparazzi were there in full force taking pictures. As we all know, every picture tells a story.

    Belated birthday cheer. For some reason, I thought it was sometime during the final days of November. I need to take better notes.