Monday, October 30, 2006

Paul Stanley ‘Live To Win’

Today’s musical choice is KISS vocalist and rhythm guitarist’s new solo album. And upon the first listen, I must admit… I didn’t like it. It sounded like crap to me. I have never liked anything co-written by Desmond Child and his damn name is all over the place.

Desmond Child is a failed musical artist who found fame and fortune writing with and for other artists like KISS, Bon Jovi, and Cher. His songs are formulaic and laden with friendly and catchy hooks that will nestle deep into your brain and drive you crazy. I hated anything with his name attached. It’s drivel aimed directly at the masses to fleece money from their pockets.

With that in mind, I kept listening to Paul Stanley’s new CD and a strange thing started to happen… I started liking it. I fought it, but eventually the repeated listening of the CD started to open me up. ‘Live To Win’ sounds like it was sent by a time machine from the mid-80’s. But there are moments of alternative grunge rock from the 90’s thrown in too. And overall, the CD sounds like watered down KISS. I can imagine that throwing the other members into the mix would result in a harder edged album. Oh well…

I’m digging it and it’s been in my player since last Friday. And for the record, my nephew Preston said, “It rocks!”

Now for something totally different…

I have an irrational fear of scurvy.

I don’t eat many things loaded with Vitamin C. No oranges or anything else like those fruits. Hell, I don’t really know what fruits or vegetables contain Vitamin C.

So anytime my gums start to bleed, and this can happen while brushing my teeth, I start to think “scurvy”. I got a skin eruption on the back of my neck last Friday and the first thought I had… “Scurvy”.

I was explaining this to my friend Robin yesterday and she laughed her ass off. She told me that in this day and age, people rarely get scurvy. And she told me that if I’m so afraid of coming down with scurvy that I should purchase Vitamin C tablets.

That seems like a reasonable thing to quiet down my scurvy fears, but I’m too lazy to go out and buy Vitamin C tablets. If I’m in a drug store or some other retail establishment, I never think about my scurvy fears and forget about getting Vitamin C tablets. I don’t drink much orange juice because I don’t buy it often. Sure, if I see some orange juice around, I will drink some because it’s readily available.

And you can see why it’s a revolving problem with me… I don’t want scurvy, yet I do nothing that can easily calm my fear because I’m too lazy to procure the items that will protect me.

I’m kind of like George Costanza on Seinfeld. He has a weird phobia of Lupus.

I wonder if there’s a name for scurvy phobia. I wonder if there’s a support group or a foundation that helps out those suffering with scurvy. Is there a ribbon? Who is the spokesperson?

Perhaps there are no answers because I’m too lazy to even look it up.


  1. Anonymous7:07 AM

    Put a little sticky note on your debit card. On it, write "scurvy".

    Then, when you're in an appropriate retail establishment, you'll remember to buy some vitamin C tabs.

  2. I've been playing "Live To Win" a lot, and it's growing on me too. It's good, not great. Some riffs are sticking in my head.

    I'm seeing Paul Stanley at The Fillmore tonight. Check my blog in a few days for a review!