Thursday, October 12, 2006

Blondie 'Blonde And Beyond'

This is going to be a short update because I really haven't had the time to write up a decent one.

While looking for a picture of today's musical selection, I found out that the CD is now out of print. Huh... I'm glad that I got it while working for Capitol Records those many years.

I turned my nephew on to Mars Attacks! and he seemed to enjoy it. Although at times, he got a little scared and covered up his eyes. And HE tells me that he wants to visit Woods Of Terror out on Church Street... That should be interesting...

He gave it 5 stars because Foxy Brown's (Pam Grier) kids shot up the Martians. He laughed his little ass off over that one.

And you know, I'm thinking about switching over to Blockbuster's online rental service. After talking it over with Christine (frequent commentor), it seems like more DVD's can be had.

I'm looking into it.

Sorry about the shortness, I'll try better. And don't forget Fashion Rox happening at The Garage Saturday night in Winston-Salem. I'm the emcee for the event that will be a fashion show and concert featuring area designers, Stratocruiser, Autohypnosis, and TK IV II I (TK 421).

I hope to see you there!


  1. Anonymous11:27 PM

    Hahahahaha. You tried to talk me OUT of Blockbuster's service. I just unsubscribed because I have no time to keep up with my TV, but am considering their 2-per-month for $6 + 2 in-store rentals plus you can trade in your DVD at the store for another movie and they'll mail it back.

    I was pretty satisfied with the service, and will definitely subcribe to the "maniacal movie fan" plan in the summer.

  2. Anonymous12:00 PM

    The Blockbuster deal sounds too complicated, and therefore, it's no deal in my book.

    I'm a simple man who likes simple plans.

  3. Anonymous3:35 PM

    Oh, but it's not. I'm just wordy.

    If you want the 3-at-a-time plan, you get 3 DVDs from the mail, plus they'll send you one in-store coupon per week.

    Plus, let's say you get a DVD in the mail that you're not in the mood to watch or you wonder "WHY IN THE HELL DID I EVER WANT THIS"? You can take it to the store and trade it for a title you want. Instant gratification. It really is pretty cool.