Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Fur Lined Volcanoes ‘Reading Lips’

I wrote about how little I wanted to see The Sentinel, but was pleasantly surprised once I did watch it. The same thing happened with the DVD Kinky Boots.

I read a fair share of good things about Kinky Boots and went ahead and put it on my Netflix queue. When I got home from work, I put that joker in because I didn’t have anything else to watch. I just haven’t been all that excited about seeing the movie because it’s about a shoe factory on the verge of shutting down. The owner finds a niche market by making thigh-high women’s boots that are made in men’s sizes. The boots are reinforced with steel shanks so they can hold a man’s weight without breaking. In other words, the boots are made for drag queens and transvestites with a passion for patent leather and riding crops. They’re “kinky boots”.

I didn’t really think that I would like the flick, but as it turned out, I’m giving Kinky Boots the maximum of 5 stars on Netflix. And I’m suggesting it to anyone possessing an open mind and who likes a mild comedy with a hint of romance.

I just received Friends With Money from Netflix. And it’s another flick that I really have no interest in seeing, but hopefully like the others, it will win me over.

Yesterday, I worked with a photographer on a studio shoot in Greensboro. I didn’t realize how many times a photographer will take pictures of tomatoes, bonsai trees, laptops, and potting items before calling it quits. I mean, from what television and movies have taught me, photographers generally go through boxes and boxes of film with live subjects. But yesterday’s shoot was a series of still life photos where there’s not a whole lot of moving going on with the subjects.

Deep down, I realize that you want as many shots as you can get with different lighting and slight changes with the subject being photographed. I’m learning what I can from this photographer to make my little shutterbug hobby look better. And who knows, perhaps one day you’ll see my photos on a wall of a restaurant or gallery with ridiculous prices attached to them.

I recently found a treasure trove of subjects in the Pinnacle, Pilot Mountain, and the King areas. At this moment, I’m looking over my options of venturing out there with my camera and tripod to start up with my little exposé. Finding the time is the hardest part these days.

It’s been cool to hook up with this photographer, learning what I can about it, and getting paid for it too. Basically, I’m the workhorse who moves stuff around to free up the photographer so they can do their job. Anything they need, I snap to it. They need a cord- I grab it. They need water- I fetch it. They need me to dust and wash tomatoes, I do it. In exchange, I get a lesson and money. What’s not to love about that arrangement?

Right now, I don’t have a professional camera, but the cool thing… You don’t need one. All you need is the eye for subjects and snap the pictures. Eventually, I plan on purchasing a more intensive camera, but right now, I wouldn’t know what to do with it. That’s what I hope to learn from hanging with the photographer.

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    Just remember: Don't shake your Polaroid pictures. OutKast is trying to ruin your career in photography.