Monday, September 25, 2006

Bryan Adams ‘Anthology’

I’ve been working like crazy over the last week and this is the second time that I’ve been able to sit down at this computer. I tried once before, but folks kept calling me on the telephone asking whether I was dead.

Normally, when I’m working long hours, I tend to get a little stressed out and my shoulder muscles turn to stone. My neck will start hurting even when I’m sitting and relaxing in front of the tube. But something was different about this week and I’m not sure that I can put my finger on it.

I managed to start watching the FX series called Rescue Me over the hectic week. I received the first disc of season one and during the first episode, I knew that Rescue Me would quickly become one of my favorite shows.

Denis Leary (the chain-smoking angry comedian) plays a fireman in a post 9/11 New York. He’s got some serious issues… He’s going through a nasty divorce with children involved. He doesn’t like the man that his estranged wife is seeing and she may move to California with him. He’s a recovering alcoholic who has fallen off the wagon. And to top it off, he sees ghosts of the people that have died in the line of his service. One of them is his best friend and cousin who died at Ground Zero.

Leary confides in his cousin’s ghost who is also his drinking buddy.

Think of Rescue Me as this… The stand-up comedy of Denis Leary meets Emergency meets The Sixth Sense. I find the show simply brilliant and I can’t understand how it slipped under my radar. I’m quickly getting addicted to this show.

I also found the time to watch United 93, a real-time docudrama about the crew and passengers that decided to sacrifice themselves after they had found out what was going on with the terrorist attacks. I found it riveting and quite moving. I rated United 93 with 4 out of 5 stars on Netflix and I suggest that you see it.

And what I found most interesting in the film, a lot of the people were playing themselves. I also liked the bios of the passengers and crew that perished in bonus features.

But there’s something gnawing at me… Will some jackass give Flight 93 the same treatment given to the horrible Titanic?

I sincerely believe that 50 or so years from now, once we’re all dead and gone, someone will make a romantic film using that tragedy as a backdrop.

Imagine if you will… A young ruffian wins airline tickets to Los Angeles in a poker game. Before he boards the plane, he meets a beautiful and rich young woman who is also destined for LA. Not only does he want to introduce her to the membership rites of the mile-high club, he also wants her jewels. During the course of historically based events, he discovers that he is actually in love with her. And eventually sacrifices himself to the brutal and savage terrorists in order to save her and the rest of the passengers. And the greatest tragedy of all, they change history and allow for some to survive the crash including the young woman he intended to save.

I can totally see that happening, can’t you?

Last Thursday night, I attended the Gin Blossom’s show at the N Club in downtown Greensboro. I’ve never been a big fan and to be quite honest, I don’t really give two baby wipes about them. But the evening turned out to be quite eventful and fun thanks to my friend Kristina and a chick that was probably under the influence of ecstasy.

Kristina and I noticed that this chick was all over the sound guy stationed at the board. She was kissing and touching. She was wrapping her leg around his. She was all over him like a candy shell on an M&M. We quickly determined that she had to be under the influence of the love drug especially when she started kissing, touching, or hugging every security guard that she came into contact with.

Then when Tripper from 1075KZL and I made contact with the soundman in order to find out when he was doing the stage announcements, she started touching, hugging, and kissing us. The soundman didn’t care and during our little chat, I found out that the woman who looked really good with just a hint of “skank” was 30 years old, had 3 kids, and lived in High Point.

Here’s a quote from her… “I’m 30 years old, I have three kids, and I just had unprotected sex.”

To which I replied… “Where the hell was I when this was happening?”

She kissed me on the cheek again before returning her attention to the soundman that apparently didn’t give a rat’s ass where he stuck his unprotected “plowboy”.

Tripper and I were sharing those “she’s crazy” looks as soon as her back was turned toward us. I pulled out a 5-dollar bill and snapped it in front of Tripper. I offered up a challenge to him… Palm her ass and I would gladly hand over the fiver.

He refused.

I offered again and he declined. No matter how many times I snapped that Lincoln in front of him, Tripper wasn’t biting.

I said, “Come on, man. If anything, she’ll enjoy it. And you’ll make yourself 5 bucks!”
I don’t know if he was afraid of getting slapped or beaten up by the soundman or what, but he still refused.

It was determined that Tripper make the announcements from the soundboard microphone. The stage manager didn’t want us up on the stage and mucking everything up, which we’re professional enough not to do.

When Tripper started talking to the crowd through the P.A., I asked the ecstasy girl if she would palm Tripper’s ass. And did she ever!

She was rubbing and squeezing Tripper’s posterior as he made the announcements. Tripper didn’t miss a beat and I was laughing my ass off. And the coolest thing… I didn’t offer her a dime to do it. She was happy to oblige.


  1. Anonymous11:18 AM

    Where's my comment?? I left one a few minutes ago.

    Anyway, you're right about some adaptation of Flight 93 in the future. One of us should sell our soul to satan for immortality in order to stick around to keep this from happening.

    Welcome to the Rescue Me cult. We've been waiting for you.

  2. You know Brad... I feel at home in this Rescue Me cult.

    Hi to Punky!