Monday, July 24, 2006

Vaughan Penn ‘Angels Fly’

In case you’re wondering if this is a music review, it’s not. The title of each blog is the music that I’m listening to for the day. And so if it’s my choice of the day, it has my unofficial stamp of approval. Please feel free to check out any of the musical selections for yourself.

The other day, my nephew and I watched Herbie Fully Loaded as soon as it arrived from Netflix. Preston doesn’t know about the Disney legacy involving the little white “punch buggy” with the number 53.

Me? I was long time fan of Herbie and his films. I remember being bored stiff as a child when my parents dragged me to Disney on Ice at the Greensboro Coliseum. My sisters really wanted to go and I was the odd man out. I couldn’t care less about all the singing and skating, but when that little Aryan car made his appearance I literally freaked the F out.

Has anyone made that connection before? You know, Herbie being an example of the “master race”?

He always finishes first and has an underlying smugness about being the best. And, he’s a Volkswagen… A German. And you know how they’re so proud of their German engineering.

No one’s made that connection? Is it a coincidence that Herbie’s white?

We’ll never see the film The Song Of The South again because of it’s “racist” tones… Meanwhile, Herbie continues motoring around proclaiming the number one spot for the Fatherland.

It’s just something to think about.

Preston did ask me why Herbie doesn’t race on Sundays with his idol, Tony Stewart.

I said, “Preston, Herbie would never be approved by NASCAR. First of all, his power plant has to be manufactured here in the United States. He was made in Europe. Secondly, you can only run the current and last year’s approved models from the car manufacturers. Herbie was made over 40 years ago. Thirdly, he’s not aerodynamic enough to compete with the sleek cars of today. Tony Stewart and the Home Depot Monte Carlo would run circles around that little ‘Love Bug’.”

He still seemed rather confused until I just told him that it was a movie, not real life and that seemed to appease him. And to throw him another curve ball, I pointed out actor Michael Keaton and told him that he was Batman.

Preston loved the movie and gave it 5 stars on Netflix. I could only give it 3 out of 5, which means that I liked it. The only thing that we agreed upon was the fact that Lindsay Lohan is a hottie.


  1. Have you every thought of giving your posts a title that describes what you are writing about?

  2. No... Because quite frankly, I'm too lazy to come up with a catchy title. And this also gives a peek into what I'm listening to for that day.

    Thanks for asking.

  3. Anonymous12:45 AM

    Not really relevant, but since you mentioned him, I just wanted to state that I am officially done with Tony Stewart. I may actually hate him more than the eight.

  4. You cannot hate less on the 8! First... The Shrub and now disliking Smoke?

    What in the hell is wrong with you?

  5. "And this also gives a peek into what I'm listening to for that day."

    Which is no clue to what you are writing about. It's your call, of course, but irrelevant titles may be keeping people from reading your stuff where their first glimpse of your posts are your titles.

  6. Anonymous3:29 AM

    Woah, woah waoh.. I do not hate the Eight less. "Hate The Eight" is my official racing motto! I will always and forever be an eight hater.

    I just can't watch Tony wreck one more car out and then blame the other guy. He is a whiner and I can't take it. If you are gonna be a thug, be a thug and not a baby. When Carl hit him on pit road he was all "I didn't do anything to him and he wrecked us twice." It was like he was not at the same race everyone else was. Oh, for the day someone puts him on his hood.. or at least punches him in his fat head!

    And I was a staunch Carl hater, so it's not as if it's just anger that he disrespected my driver. (That's a special hate reserved for Rusty and DJ) Plus, I am over the whole "blame the rookies" gimmick. That got old last year. And if I hear one more time that cars are just supposed to let other cars pass them, I am done. If you are so fast, go around. Whining is for babies, maybe they should drive Power Wheels. I just deleted all of my anti-Tony rant out of my race pool email and now I am all angered up again. I am off to the much more pleasant post above now...

  7. Roch101, I appreciate your advice. If they choose not to read, they choose not read. Color me indifferent.

  8. Kim, you bring up a few good points. And it's heartwarming to know that number 8 is tops of your hate list.

  9. Anonymous11:57 PM

    How does one get to be a blog critic anyway? Do you have to sign up somewhere, or can you just randomly choose?

  10. Well kastnet, he's only trying to improve the numbers of my readership. And that's appreciated. It makes sense, but I'm one of those jackasses that just doesn't care.

    I only care if you find it funny or perhaps... and this is a stretch here... learn something new.

  11. Man what a vivid, and a great imigination. What goes on in that noggin of yours. This dream sounds just like Johnny Depp should be on board. Man is Depp ever HOT! HOT!! HOT!!

  12. Speaking as a very straight man, yeah, Johnny Depp is attractive. But I wouldn't want him onboard the U.S.S. Levi.

    Way too much shrinkage.