Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Boston ‘Boston’

In case you didn’t hear, former Pink Floyd vocalist and full time recluse Syd Barrett has died at the age of 60.

Now, I’ve never been a huge fan of Pink Floyd, but I have always enjoyed the Barrett years of Floyd more. I don’t know… They just seemed a little less morose with Syd at the microphone. Although, I prefer Roger Waters’ solo work more than anything Syd or Floyd ever did. And we all know how gloomy that is, so go figure.

No one said that I have to be consistent with my likes and dislikes, right?

Last night, I did something that I rarely do… I went to a dance club.

It was College Night with 1075KZL at a new club that shall remain nameless here in Greensboro. Mike Klein was the host of this event and since I like the guy for some reason, my curiosity got the better of me. So I made my 3rd trip ever to a place where folks tend to dance instead of listening and watching live music. I’m not a dancer, I have never been one, and for the most part the music doesn’t interest me.

I asked Tripper where to park because all I’ve ever seen of the place is the front where there are fake palms lit up like a French whorehouse. He said there was ample parking in the back.

So I pulled into the small parking lot out front and followed the small vehicular path through an alley and around the right to the back lot. There was broken glass on the pavement everywhere making the lot look like a future retirement home where cars go to be put on blocks and stripped. Yeah, you could say that I was a little uneasy about leaving Roxy out back and unattended.

I was alone in the parking lot as I made my way up to the entrance with earplugs in my pocket. Within 50 feet of the entrance, the earplugs idea didn’t sound like a bad one because the music was booming through the brick and heavy red metal door.

I walked in and showed my business card to the doorman. Since I was with the station on a night where we were handling the promotion, I had no problem skipping the cover charge. So it seemed.

Then a second guy came up and started waving a metal detector around me. Wow! Whatever remained of my danger sense that didn’t fully kick in just by walking through the parking lot was spiking now. I started pulling out my cell phone, my keys, my money clip, and all the spare change left over from The Raven last Saturday night. The doorman put that wand places where only women and doctors have been and that made me a little uncomfortable.

Satisfied, the man in charge of the wand seemed assured that I had no weapons on my person and let me pass. Then I was tracked down by one of the 2 men tending to the door because the girl behind the counter was upset that I didn’t pay a cover charge. Three employees working the door and yet they can’t communicate to each other when unhampered by other customers. I guess all you need is the 3-second attention span of a goldfish when working a dance club. I found it a little irritating, but since the club is new and they aren’t “seasoned” professionals, I let it go.

Then when I got to the bar, Mike Klein asked what I was drinking and of course, I went with a Yuengling, baby.

The bartender asked me if I wanted it draft or bottle. Since I was checked for weapons and now felt it necessary to have one, I chose Yuengling in the bottle. That way, I could use it as a blunt instrument capable of putting someone in a coma or I could break it on the bar and proceed to use it like a knife and rip open someone’s throat if need be.

I just found it odd that you’re checked for weapons and then they hand you one at the bar. Ah, it’s a wacky world we live in.

Overall, I liked the place with its hip and trendy décor. The music, I didn’t like so much because I couldn’t really hear it even with the benefit of earplugs. The room has brick walls and the sound was bouncing all over the place. I’m sure it sounded different on the dance floor where the speakers are aimed directly at the dancers.

It’s a really cool place if you’re one of those discothèque types. Just remember to leave your 9mm’s and Derringers outside in the car to settle your dancing differences in the parking lot.

Also, I felt as if I was the oldest one in the joint because I’m nearing the 4-0 mark in my life. I found it a little uncomfortable being the only one in the building who has actually seen the Captain Kangaroo Show when they were still making them.

I still prefer my rock n’ roll clubs with live music and I’ll never get too old for that.


  1. Anonymous1:53 AM

    Every time I see the sand and those stupid palm trees I ask "What kind of people would be caught dead in that place?!" And now I know...

  2. Anonymous8:03 AM

    Ahhhh! Captain Kangaroo! Those were the days.

  3. Anonymous10:19 AM

    Syd Barrett died because you went into that dance club.