Friday, June 30, 2006

Syd Barrett ‘Crazy Diamond’ (Box Set)

Okay…. Thursday afternoon, I was craving some Buffalo Bites from Bojangles. Since they’re not fried, they are on my menu. I ordered a combo with green beans and wouldn’t you know it, they gave me fries. Damn them!

But, I took it as a sign from the fried gods above and went headlong into temptation. Yes, I ate them with pornographic lust.

Four hours later, I was cursing like a sailor hitting the shores of Montezuma.

I couldn’t believe that my body had turned on fried foods like it did. It was ugly. It was brutal. And I’m sure that if I keep on this non-fried food kick, I’ll never be able to digest a full platter from Long John Silver’s again.

And today, Preston (my nephew) and I went to see the film Cars. I picked him up and I had to run an errand. Then we hit Arby’s and even though he said that he wanted the Curly Fries, I ended up eating them.

Luckily, there was no repeat performance on the porcelain stage. I just couldn’t see them going in the trash.

And for the record, Preston didn't much care for the musical choice of the day, the title of each blog entry.

Cars is a damn fine film from Disney/Pixar. I gave it 4 out of 5 stars on Netflix.

Has anyone noticed that the tires say “Lightyear” instead of Goodyear?

I love how they reference their previous films.

Preston had the energy of about 20 patients at Dorthea Dix mental hospital in Butner today and it just about drove ME crazy. I had to threaten him by saying that we were going to see The Devil Wears Prada instead of Cars.

Then we hit the Cold Stone Creamery at Brassfield and his sugar levels must have spiked because he just went nuts the rest of the day. He wasn’t listening to anything and he sure as hell didn’t want to watch Sanford And Son on TV Land.

I finally got a Robby Gordon Jim Beam Black T-shirt. This is my first NASCAR shirt since the days of Dick Trickle. The cool thing, the shirt doesn’t have a retina burning color scheme… Just the basics. Too many NASCAR shirts these days have too much damn color and they can be a bit obnoxious. This one has about 5 colors in the graphics screened on a black shirt. I’m very pleased.

And now it’s time for me to gripe about something that is really becoming a pet peeve of mine…

It’s people on bicycles.

I’m not talking about cyclists because they pretty much know what they’re doing when it comes to vehicle laws. It’s the morons who ride on the wrong side of the road facing traffic. It’s the morons who just ride through stoplights and stop signs.

Does no one teach these dumb asses that bicycles are subject to the same laws as any other vehicles?

Just the other day, I witnessed an individual who apparently values life as much as a Parker Stevenson film festival. He rode his bike diagonally through the Wendover Avenue and Bridford Parkway intersection when the flow of traffic coming from his direction had the red light. I merely laughed and waited for him to get to know the business end of a Saturn.

Sadly, for me, it didn’t happen. He made it through the intersection so it must be true… God looks out for the idiots.

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