Thursday, May 11, 2006

Slim Whitman ‘Vintage Collections’

For those of you that do not know… The title of each blog entry is the music that I’m listening to for the day. And yes, I like Slim Whitman despite the jokes surrounding him.

Remember the movie Mars Attacks!? The Martians were killed when they’re heads would explode when they heard Slim Whitman’s “Indian Love Call”. That was probably the biggest joke of them all.

But Slim ain’t no joke! That is Old School, baby!

As you may or may not know, I don’t have a whole lot of time to watch TV at night. That’s why I tape everything by using my VCR at home and the one at work.

Sometimes work gets real hectic and those tapes start to stack up. And when those envelopes from Netflix arrive, they have to be dealt with first. So… I get a little behind on my favorite television shows.

I learned about Edgar Styles’ death on 24 by reading it in the paper weeks after the fact. I learned about the death of Tony Almeida when Deidre (2GNC Show) let that cat out of the bag when I was filling in for Goatboy.

I tried to keep up with 24, but over time, it became too much. The Netflix envelopes must go as fast as they come in. There has to be constant turnover.

I just watched an episode of Invasion! that aired back on 4/19/06 and the show is losing me. Hell, I’m sure that it’s losing a lot of viewers because it’s more of a soap opera than science fiction.

It started all right out of the blocks, but then the drama slowed it down. Then it started to pick up again midway through the season. Now… It’s a snoozer where I’d rather read a book than watch Invasion!.

I’m only watching it because I have to see it to its end. Whether that end comes because of the Network canceling it or when it reaches it natural conclusion. Personally, I don’t see ABC devoting much more to it.

But my hat is off to Shawn Cassidy for offering up more shows year after year that only fail. He’s got the right attitude… “If at first you don’t succeed, keep throwing crap until it sticks to the wall.”

Friday nights with Ghost Whisperer, The Bernie Mac Show, and intermittent showings of Malcolm In The Middle, I lost touch with WWE’s Smackdown!. And from watching an episode from 4/21/06, it looks like I haven’t been missing much.

I like a lot of the personalities on that brand like Matt Hardy, JBL, William Regal, and Kurt Angle, but the show for the most part is for crap. It’s boring and Smackdown! just aren’t utilizing their talent properly. The matches are boring and the storylines seem to go nowhere. And what’s the deal with the Pirate wrestler by the name of Burchill?

I’m patiently waiting for the ECW to start up once again. The ECW is a brand of wrestling that started out on a shoe string and managed to change the industry once again by doing it “old school” style. The ECW is violent and very unpolitically correct. They spend more time in the ring developing the storylines rather than talking in front of a camera. Women are often in the middle of all the violence and lets not forget the table breaking and blood shedding.

Please bring back the Quintessential Stud Muffin, Joel Gertner!

He is a fat guy that wore a tuxedo jacket with short pants, a bow tie without a shirt, along with dark shoes and dark socks. Oh he had some terrific lines!

Vince McMahon has been tempting God to strike him down with his brand of sacrilegious offerings to fans worldwide on Monday Night Raw. He’s created his own religion called “McMahonism”.

And I cannot believe that a Christian like Shawn Michaels is going along with that storyline. But who am I to judge, right?

After all, it’s about entertainment.

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  1. Anonymous7:38 PM

    Smackdown is so garbage, it does not deserve the title of "wrestling." Sadly it can't even be classified as "sports entertainment" as it's missing a key component.. entertainment. I am not getting my hopes up for ECW. You were there when it was actually good, I barely expect it to be as entertaining as when I first saw it.

    I saw my second episode of Invasion ever last week (the 1st was the premier) and it seemed interesting enough. I tried to watch again yesterday, but drifted in and out of paying attention. I think that missing the entire middle makes it hard to understand. Just what are those lights about? I have a feeling I was supposed to be all "Wow!" when they showed them falling at the end of the show, but I was more 'What does that mean?"

    Good luck with that (gross!) Malcolm auction!