Monday, May 15, 2006

Pat Benatar ‘Get Nervous’

This is going to be a long update so go ahead and get that beverage or perhaps you should use the bathroom. Please consider yourself warned.

First of all, I feel compelled to do this… Here’s a list of celebrities that I don’t care for:

1. Martin Short
2. Dana Carvey
3. Martin Lawrence
4. Oprah Winfrey
5. (Vacancy)

I took a favorite DVD over to my sister and boyfriend’s apartment last Friday night. I wasn’t sure whether they would like it, but they were open enough to give it a chance. We watched John Waters’ Female Trouble.

They seemed to enjoy it and had told me that in fact they DID like it. I told them that during the next few days, they would find themselves talking about the movie. They may even find themselves unexpectedly quoting lines from it.

One of my favorites… “I wouldn’t suck your **** if I were suffocating and there was oxygen in your balls.”

I spoke with both of them before The Sopranos last night and it turns out that my prophecies became fact. They had been quoting and recalling scenes from the film that made them laugh.

It’s amazing what a little Yuengling and John Waters will do for the soul.

Saturday night, my friend Tina and I headed out for Kernersville for Busted Uncle’s last show at the Green Room.

And in my opinion, the Green Room has to be one of the smokiest places that I’ve ever been to. When I got home, my pants had developed quite a nasty cough and my T-shirt threw itself into the washer.

Busted Uncle is mostly a cover band out of Winston-Salem. My friends Bob Richardson (Drummer) and Tim Beeman (Bassist/Vocals) from Heavens Sake were in the band. Jake Branscome is the lead guitarist that I’ve gotten to know over the years as well as Brian Atkins (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar).

My friend Tina and I worked with Bob and Jake at a Capitol Records distribution center that used to be in Greensboro years ago. It was Tina’s first show and their last.

It was like a reunion of some type… Friends old and new getting together and throwing down some drinks. And apparently it was “Make more smoke than the Chicago Fire” night at the Green Room.

Saturday night was also my first meeting with Michelle. She’s a friend of Tim’s that I had only heard about from our conversations. Since I had never met her in over a decade of friendship, I assumed that she didn’t exist and just figured that one of Tim’s imaginary friends had grown up with him. Or it could have been some sort of mental illness.

Needless to say, we birds of Tim’s feather talked the rest of the night.

Tina and Michelle declined to have their pictures taken by me, but here are a few from that night… The first one is a shot showing Tim Beeman singing on the left. The rest of the band is a little blurry because I still haven’t worked out all the kinks in my digital photography self-training.

The second one shows Brian Atkins and Tim Beeman trying to give away T-shirts and CD’s to those willing to expose their bodies for the band.

Here’s a shot where I used a flash and the action was caught a little better with less blur. Jake on guitar in the foreground with Bob Richardson on the drums.

And for some reason, Jake had this monkey puppet around his neck the whole night. I think that it had something to do with his trip to Cancun… And here’s a picture of Jake “making out” with the monkey. I’m only guessing that the band didn’t have to pay for drinks.

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and I attended the yearly dinner at my parent’s house. As the family was eating together, we had noticed that the skies had turned dark quickly. A hard rain had started to fall. We could hear thunder and then the unmistakable sound of the objects pelting the roof.

We looked outside the back and front doors to see that hail the size of quarters was falling from the sky and blanketing the ground.

The first photo shows the view from the front door and the second one shows the view from the back porch.

The outside temperature had dropped 13 degrees within about same amount of minutes. The ground became foggy as the ice melted and evaporated. When I stepped outside, the air felt like I was walking around inside a giant cooler. The air had that same unnatural man-made quality to it. It just felt weird.

And for the record, that was the biggest hail that I had ever seen in my life. Some pieces were bigger than quarters and we even saw a few the size of golf balls. That was some really wild stuff.

Yes, I did see the final episode of Malcolm in the Middle last night. My sister and Richard were kind enough to let me watch it before The Sopranos came on.

We learned that Malcolm was being groomed to be President of the United States in order to take care of people like him and his family.

I had seen it a month ago because Fox sent the station a couple of screeners on DVD. But seeing it on Fox 8, finally drove that last nail into the coffin in my head. I was a little sad, but I know that another television show will come along and claim my love.

A love that is caring, deep, and true.

Does that make me a slut?

And still, we never found out what Malcolm’s last name is. Surprisingly… I can live with that.

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