Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Shakira ‘Oral Fixation Vol. 2’

Yes, I’m listening to Shakira today. In case you didn’t know, the title of each blog entry is the music that I’m listening to for the day.

I dig Shakira’s music and I REALLY enjoy watching her move around with that exposed sexy midriff. Is that so wrong?

Another thing that caught my attention… The first picture that I ever saw of Shakira, she was wearing a Scorpions ‘Love Drive’ T-shirt.

Yeah… She’s cool.

Despite the happiness that Shakira’s sexiness brings to me, I still feel empty inside… Malcolm In The Middle will be saying goodbye on May 14th.

I walked into work last Friday and was ecstatic to find the series finale lying on the break room table. I could see it before anyone else and I snagged that joker fast enough to give a DVD whiplash.

Malcolm In The Middle is definitely one of my favorite shows of all time. I would undoubtedly put that show into my top 5 of my all time faves.

1. Green Acres
2. The Beverly Hillbillies
3. Malcolm In The Middle
4. Get A Life
5. Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy The Vampire Slayer has recently snuck into my top 5. It took me awhile to warm up to Joss Whedon’s comic book like heroine, but now I’m forever hooked and purchasing all the DVD’s.

Just about everyone in Malcolm’s family shows up for his graduation on the last ever episode of Malcolm. Cloris Leachman plays Lois’ mother and she is probably one of the most talented character actors ever in the history of television. And I don’t think that any one other than Leachman could portray her so beautifully.

When I read all the material that came with the DVD, I never realized that the show won five Emmies during it’s 7 year run. You see, I’m not one for award shows because they’re boring and I generally don’t give a damn about the outcome. I like what I like and that’s it.

Fox really pushed the show when it first came out. The show even secured one of the first product endorsements in television with some sort of Doritos or something from Frito-Lay. No! They were called 3-D’s. The cast of Malcolm did the commercials and ate the snacks on the show.

On the last episode, I thought for sure that they would reveal the last name of Malcolm’s family. You know, like the way the two Darryl’s spoke on Newhart (just outside of my top 5)… But when they introduced Malcolm as Valedictorian, the microphone had a little fit of feedback and we didn’t hear it.

Oh well, if I can live with the end of the series, I guess that I can keep on breathing without the last name being exposed.

My sister Tina recently told me about how much she enjoyed Malcolm In The Middle when she caught a late night viewing on Fox 8. She thought that it was funny. She also told me that she saw a couple of episodes when it first came on, but somehow it escaped her.

The Fox network kept moving it around and in a move that SERIOUSLY pissed me off… They moved it to the 7 O’clock hour and it was always being “joined in progress” after NFL games and NASCAR races. Fox treated it like garbage even though the show remains as strong today as it was 7 years ago.

I can’t save it. The millions of Malcomites cannot save it either. But do me a favor… Watch some of the show. You can find it on weeknights at 11:30 for the reruns. If that’s too late, use the damn VCR or DVR or some shit. The new ones, while they last, are on Sundays at 7pm.

Since there were requests, here is one of the most recent pics of me. We are pictured with the band Maroon 5. I’m the fat guy at the bottom between the hot girls. The one on my right, your left, is Allison Moore. She sits in on the Weather Dave Will Bastard Show on Rock 92. Brad “Hinzy” Hines is the really tall dude with a Red Sox hat in the back.


  1. Anonymous11:14 PM

    Eugene, I've got 4 words for you:

    Buffy. Told ya so.

    (I'm going on the premise that the little 'neener, neener, neener' thing I'm humming under my breath doesn't apply toward the word count.)

  2. Anonymous2:02 AM

    Shakira is good people.

    Too bad you couldn't make room for Homicide: Life On The Street for your list, but since Buffy finally made the cut, I'll let it be.

  3. Anonymous4:51 PM

    Listening to Shakira and posing with Maroon 5?! Mercury in retrograde, indeed!

  4. Brad...

    Homicide: Life on the Streets was bumped out by Buffy. It's firmly in the number 6 position.