Monday, April 03, 2006

The Knitters ‘Poor Little Critter On The Road’

I submit to you, a picture of Roxy, my beloved truck.

For most of last week, people kept giving me strange looks when I answered their “Are you going to see Switchfoot Sunday night?” question.

My answer was, “Uh… It’s Wrestlemania.”

Yeah. They gave me strange looks. As if they didn’t know that I’m a fan of professional wrestling. Weather Dave knew that I was going to Winston-Salem to watch it and for some reason; he thought that it was taking place at the LJVM Coliseum. Why? I don’t know.

I hung out with Tim Beeman who orders every PPV that the WWE has to offer. Before I hit his doorstep, my fat ass and me hit Long John Silver’s for some artery clogging goodness. Man, those clams hit the spot.

Saturday, I worked another wedding with Coup DeLicious and Triad DJ Service. Once again, it was another case of movies and television lying to me.

Movies like Wedding Crashers give hope and promise to those of us who are terminally single. But again, real life reared its ugly head. There was no abundance of single women unless you’re looking for a 70 to 90 year old silver fox. And since I was working, there was no real possibility to drink enough to score with a sexagenarian.

The crowd on Saturday was heavy in the middle ages. Not that they were having a renaissance wedding or anything like that… The folks were mostly 40 and above.

Oh well, pop me another Star…

There was one cat that started getting drunk and belligerent about hearing a song request. He wanted Hank Junior’s “Family Tradition” and it just wasn’t fitting in with what Coup was doing. Plus, there were a few other requests ahead of Mr. Bottled Personality.

After the dance floor had cleared out for couples dancing, Coup threw on the Hank Jr. tune and the floor became crowded within an instant. Women were prancing around with their skirts hiked up for fancy footwork. The men sat down their drinks and everyone was singing like bed-shitting babies.

So Coup lined up another request, one that we both knew wouldn’t cause any reaction other than a mass exit from the dance floor.

We were wrong.

Even MORE people hit the dance floor when Meat Loaf’s “Paradise By The Dashboard Light” came blaring out of the speakers.

It was crazy! The silver foxes were kicking up their heels right along side of the twenty-something hotties. Guys were ripping off their toupees and singing along with Meat Loaf’s part of the odd rock n’ roll duet. Every woman there including the silver foxes, sang every word with the same conviction that Karla Bonoff did in the video for the song.

Coup and I couldn’t believe what we were witnessing with our bloodshot eyes. We thought, with obviously good reason that the song just wouldn’t fly. And in cases like that one, it’s good to be wrong. It was highly entertaining.

I’m still way behind on my Netflix and television viewing habits. I’ve got 3 discs from Netflix sitting on my entertainment center and every time that I look at them, I can hear the sound of change slipping through my fingers and into their change purse. I also have 8 VHS tapes filled with last month’s shows that I haven’t had time to watch. I’m behind on everything, including wrestling.

I didn’t really know the storylines before I started watching Wrestlemania. So, I felt a little behind and ignorant of the current storylines. Typically, those arcs end and new ones begin at Wrestlemania.

I’ve gotten behind on 24, The Shield, and Lost. I’ll get caught up soon because I’m actually thinking about taking a few days off in the near future.

And since I found my tripod, I’m planning on hitting the road in search of interesting subjects for my little photography hobby.


  1. Anonymous5:54 AM

    Wrestlemania... I guess it could have been worse. Did you guys' show start on time? The tv said it started at 7, but we didn't get anything until 7:30 when the MiTB match was already underway. As Carlito would say "Dat's not cool!"

    How about that HHH's entrance? That was just great. I mean, the fact that he thought "yeah, this will be good!" Oh, I lauged til my cheeks hurt and my eyes watered. That was one of the high points of the show, and that is sad. I stopped watching Raw the week they showed the Greensboro show on some non-Monday, and gave on on Smackdown when JBL won the belt, so I didn't have much to go on. Only 2 matches went the way I wanted, but it got me to watch Raw tonight, so I guess they accomplished something.

    We spent most of the second half of the show in the midst of a verbal battle with some pre-teen girls and this kid who couldn't have been more than 7. My mother would be so proud.

  2. Anonymous9:45 AM

    You and Coup were wise to avoid playing Death To Shit-Kickin' Americans, by The Jihad Seven. The response on the dance floor would not have been positive.

  3. Kim... As a fan of Triple H, I too was shaking my head in utter disbelief. I don't know if the "gimmicks department" had a hand in his "King Of Kings" thing, but it was ENTIRELY stupid.

    And for once, a women's match that was interesting and good. Yeah, I like T&A, but I also enjoy a storyline.

  4. You know Brad, I don't know that one... Call my machine and hum a few bars... 336-274-8042 ext. 173