Wednesday, February 22, 2006

‘Exit, Stage Left’ A mix tape by Brad Kesler

Does it seem a little early for the birds to be back?

Am I wrong? Does the calendar show about a month left for winter?

I walked outside this afternoon and the trees were filled with birds. Those same birds are probably responsible for dropping their wasteful payloads onto Roxy, my truck. They sit high above in the trees having a good time procreating and crapping all over the place. Damn birds!

Does this mean that spring isn’t far off?

Oh I can’t wait for the allergies!

Think about this… You’re an animal like a raccoon or a squirrel and you’re trying to get across the road in order to plant your seed in that hot female that sends out a smell on the wind that makes you forget about everything else. You act upon your urges because that’s what nature dictates. You can’t fight it. It calls to you, telling you to give up searching for food and shelter. It’s YELLING at you to cross that road and to get jiggy with it. It’s impossible to resist.


There’s a Toyota Camry with your name on it.

That’s what spring means to me… Roads littered with dead animals that only wanted to fornicate right out in the open.

As you may be able to tell, I’m not much of a spring and summer kind of guy. I guess spring can be all right, but summer can be the pits. As my Dad has been saying his entire life, “I can put on enough to stay warm, but I can’t take off enough to keep cool”.

There’s just too much sweat in the summer months and the air is sticky for most of the time. That’s when I try to stay indoors as much as possible. Who ever invented air-conditioners as we know it should be put up for Sainthood.

Well, Netflix didn’t “throttle” me so far this week… I sent in four discs and they sent out four. Believe me, I nearly soiled myself. I watched two of them today and I’ll send them back today as well. Will they “throttle” me this time?

I’ll let you know.

I watched ‘Domino’ which really looked good when I saw the trailers, but after watching it, I didn’t get anything from it. It was kind of like ‘Natural Born Killers’ without all the comedy. There were lots of quick edits and flashbacks. I’m sure it would make more sense if I suffered with some sort of attention deficit disorder. I found it very unsatisfying even though I liked it.

I’m giving ‘Domino’ 3 out of 5 stars on the Netflix grading scale.

I also watched ‘Saved!’ and I’m compelled to give it the same grade, 3 out of 5.

‘Saved!’ is a dark comedy about a girl who is told by an underwater Jesus to help her gay boyfriend. She does this by sacrificing her flower to him without protection and of course, that gets her knocked up. She ends up questioning her faith and finding a new circle of friends. All in all, the flick wasn’t too bad.

‘North Country’ and ‘The Weather Man’ are still on tap for me. I’ll let you know how they are tomorrow.

And here’s the obligatory call-out for the Netflix friends list…

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