Monday, January 09, 2006

Paul McCartney 'All The Best'

My plans last Friday night fell completely through… Thank you Tina. So I decided to give my friend Allyson a phone call.

She called me right after New Year’s to give me the friendly New Year call and I never returned her call. I didn’t call because quite frankly, I was lazy about it.

Allyson actually picked up the phone and because she’s been attending Grad School, that keeps her busy. Too busy to answer MY phone calls.

I will say that because Allyson and I was once an item. We dated for over 4 years and there was a period where we didn’t talk for a long time after we broke up. And somewhere down the road, we hooked up again and became great friends and friends only.

Allyson was one of only two women that I’ve ever had pet names for. I simply called Allyson by her last name because it had only one syllable. Yep, I’m even lazy when it comes to the spoken language.

As we were chatting, I found out that she was driving through Greensboro. We decided to meet and have a few drinks at Ham’s at Brassfield.

I wasn’t prepared but I met her anyway. I was wearing sweat pants and a T-shirt and I thought that I pulled it off with my leather jacket looking like the Kevin Smith character Silent Bob.

I started with a Jim Beam and Coke (Robby Gordon’s race car sponsor) and quickly switched to my favorite beer, Red Oak (I want them to sponsor ME).

There was this guy sitting next to Allyson that kept jumping into our conversation. Allyson started it all and I think she regretted it because at one point, she propped up a menu between them as he was talking to us. Inside, I was laughing my ass off! I couldn’t believe that she was actually doing that.

It was nice to see her. She was spending the night at her sister’s house before hitting the road for Nashville Saturday morning.

During this time together, Allyson shared some rather personal information with me. Her bra size had changed!

I think that when we were dating, she was a 36 C. Now she tells me that she’s been fitted and boasts a 40 D!

Not that it matters because I’m not one of those guys that live for large breasts. As a matter of fact, if a woman is sporting cleavage, I managed to look her in the eyes as we’re talking.

And yes, I can be “super human” at times.

I’ve been digging season two of ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ and I’ve just about finished all of them. I’m glad that I stuck it out and paid attention to season one because, as I suspected, there were season one “in-jokes” in season two.

Also, there were two actors in that season that later turn up in hit shows. One guy is now on ‘Prison Break’ and the other guy plays the Jewish cat from HBO’s ‘Deadwood’. Sometimes, old shows can be little time capsules for the stars of today.

I had my doubts about Buffy, but now I’m full-on baby!

Here’s the Netflix buddy call out again…


  1. Anonymous10:32 AM

    And god bless John Ritter as Ted.

  2. Yeah... John Ritter was excellent and creepy in that episode. Sorry Brad, I forgot about that one.