Thursday, January 12, 2006

Marty Robbins 'Best Hits'

I’m going to use this forum to vent a little because I’ve bugged my coworkers enough with my angry ramblings about things I don’t understand in this life.

I live near the Greensboro Day School and sometimes I drive through there when school is either letting out or starting up business for the day. I see the flashing lights warning me that I’m about to enter an active school zone. The lights tell me that I’m required by law to slow down to a crawling 25 miles per hour.

I do it! And I treat it like hitting pit road in NASCAR. I drive along like I normally do and when I get to that school zone line, I nearly lock up the brakes to slow down. Then I crawl through right about 25 miles per hour because I don’t want to get surprised with a kid restricting the airflow to my radiator.

Besides the time that it takes to be pulled over and written up, I just don’t want the expense that it would take to fight it. And if I lose, my insurance will dramatically increase and I’ll have to pay the fines and court costs. To me, it’s just not worth it.

As I’m passing through the zone at the Greensboro Day School, I have noticed several things… There will always be speeders zipping through there. And most of those speeders have Greensboro Day School stickers on their vehicles.

They FLY right by and whip into the school in the mornings. It’s the same deal in the afternoons when parents and students alike are leaving and passing me like hares by the tortoise. They reach speeds that have loosened my doors off the hinges.

And here’s what chaps my pasty white hide… If I were to hit a kid in that school zone while traveling 28 miles per hour, all f’ing hell would break loose. Day School parents would get on the news all horrified as to why speeders aren’t being busted by the ineffectual local police. They would go to my house with torches and lynch me. And if that were not enough, I’m sure that I would find myself in civil court because their greed would outweigh all their real needs.

I’m actually still at work and I managed to piss off someone that I didn’t mean to piss off.

I was asked to do something that I never do and possibly never do again. My efforts were lackluster at best. Why? If I never do it and may never do it again, I won’t take it seriously.

When I was told about covering this, I clearly told the instructor that chances are good that I’m not going to retain much of what she said. Because if it’s something that I may never do again and I’m told that there’s a coworker here that takes care of these things, the slacker in me takes over and lets it slide.

I feel bad that my coworker got angry with me and I TOTALLY see her point. I get the meaning of her anger. She says that she doesn’t hate me so I won’t go home, run a warm bath, drink a fifth of Jim Beam (Robby Gordon’s sponsor), and slit a wrist.

I’ve apologized to her and told her clearly as to why I won’t retain anything about what we were dealing with. Will she understand? Only time will tell.

The slacker in me wants to know why I should feel guilty. Use the comments and give me your opinion.

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  1. Anonymous6:34 PM

    Why do you let people know you're not going to retain this information because you're only a short-term remedy? Reveal nothing. Act like you're giving it your best and if something goes wrong, act like you just accidentally ran a bus filled with nuns and orphans off the side of a cliff. Let the person who got angry with you feel guilty for yelling at you and/or acting all pissed off at you. Then he/she might buy you drinks and/or a meal.